The 60+ Ways to Get Free Stuff Online You Wished You Knew About

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There are many reasons to love the internet. In addition to digital side hustles and reconnecting with old friends, you can also get free stuff online. Instead of heading to the store, you might be able to get free samples or even full-fledged apps and products that save money while improving your lifestyle.

If you think free shipping and cash back apps are as good as it gets, the word “free” gains a new meaning.

Where to Get Free Stuff Online

It’s possible to get almost anything for free online. Although digital items are pretty common since they can be delivered instantly for free, you can also find many physical products for free too.

You will find some overlapping freebies with the websites listed below, but each website also offers their own unique deals that you might not find anywhere else. It’ a good idea to browse each site to see which one seems to offer the free products you can use most often.

This first section includes websites that offer multiple freebie items and not just for a specific brand. They might be full-size samples or trial size.

Get Free Gift Cards and Free Cash

1. Survey Junkie

Check out Survey Junkie – the site with a TrustPilot Rating of 8.8 out of 10 where you share your opinion and get free gift cards or even cash sent to your PayPal account.

Survey Junkie is able to pay you because brands are looking for opinions from people just like you to help deliver better products and services. When you share your opinion, you get are helping the brand and they pay you for it in the form of free stuff online such as gift cards or cash sent to your PayPal.

Go to Survey Junkie:

2. Swagbucks

One of our favorite apps at Money Peach is Swagbucks because there are multiple ways to make money from your daily activities. While many of the other free stuff websites might only send you a free sample, it’s possible to get paid by Swagbucks to sample products.

For example, you can get paid to download apps. Another offer is getting paid $20 just for trying the $5 Dollar Shave Club starter kit. While you have to spend $5 to get the shave kit, you still profit $15 in the process.

In addition to getting paid for trying free samples, you also make money by taking surveys, playing games online, and even redeeming grocery coupons.

Go to Swagbucks:

3. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is very similar to Swagbucks in how you can earn money from a variety of tasks. They also offer free samples and products that might be different than Swagbucks selection. And, you get paid to get these products and services which is always a nice bonus too!

Go to Inbox Dollars:

4. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is primarily an online survey company, but they do send products for you to sample and review. Of course, you get paid for your time which makes this an awesome option to get free stuff as well.

You will need to apply to become a tester and Pinecone might not be looking for new testers at the moment. If that’s the case, your name will be added to a waiting list.

Go to Pinecone Research:

Get Free Services & Products

5. FreedomPop

FreedomPop offers free internet hotspots and cell phone service. You might have to buy a device, but if you bring your own device, you only need to buy a sim card and you’re all set. It’s possible to get free internet and phone service because FreedomPop uses local wifi hotspots to complete phone calls and text messages.

It’s also possible to make free phone calls between FreedomPop members. You can also get free 4G LTE data by recruiting friends and completing partner offers too.

If you are almost always connected to a wifi hotspot, FreedomPop can be an easy way to cut your phone bills and have more disposable income each month.

Go to FreedomPop for Free Internet Hotspots:

Go to FreedomPop for Free Phone Service:

6. Free Bill Negotiation

Do you overpay for cable tv or internet? If you’re not sure, or you’re tired of calling every year and threatening to cancel your subscription if they raise rates, Trim will analyze your current subscriptions to see if you’re paying too much:

  • Cell phone
  • Cable
  • Home Internet

Trim will also cancel your unwanted subscriptions for free. It doesn’t matter if it’s your Netflix subscription or a gym membership. You give the command to cancel and Trim listens.

Are you ready for another free feature? Trim will monitor your bank and credit card accounts for fraud and low account balances to help you avoid overdraft fees.

Go to Trim:

7. Free Credit Score

With Credit Sesame, you can access your credit score for free. You can also check your credit report for free so you see the exact information that lenders and your future employer might look at.

Credit Sesame also offer these free features too:

  • ID Theft Protection
  • Credit monitoring
  • Credit Report Card

It’s highly possible that your personal information has been stolen in at least one data breach. Since you don’t know who has your data and if it will be used for ill-gain, the ID theft protection offers $50,000 in theft insurance.

Credit Sesame will update your credit score monthly, but monitors your credit activity monthly. If they detect any unusual changes, you will get a warning email to take further action if necessary. You can also use the credit report card to get free tips to improve your credit score.

Go to Credit Sesame:

8. Free Credit Perks Without EVER Paying Interest

You might not use a credit card because you might carry a balance. Keeping a debit card holds you accountable to not overspend or go into debt. The one downside is that you don’t earn valuable credit card rewards.

Debitize is a free solution to this problem. You can spend with a credit card and Debitize automatically withdraws the money from your checking account each day and pays the balance for you. Now you can earn credit card rewards and still enjoy the benefits of debit cards at the same time.

Go to Debitize:

9. Paribus

Don’t you hate it when you buy something online and the price drops the next day? With Paribus, you can get free price protection notifications when a retailer drops the price on recent purchases. Paribus then submits the claim on your behalf, which means you don’t have to monitor for price changes yourself and then submit it.

Go to Paribus: //

Disclaimer: Paribus does compensate MoneyPeach when you sign up for Paribus using the links we have provided in this post. 

10. Invest for Free

There are three free investing apps that you might enjoy. Yes, you need to “spend” money to buy stocks and ETFs to build your net worth, but you won’t pay a trade commission or account management fees with either of these investing apps.

Robinhood lets you buy or sell stocks, ETFs, and options for free. Although Robinhood started as a mobile-only app, it’s now available for web browsers too.

Investors wanting to buy partial shares of stocks and ETFs can join M1 Finance. When you create your portfolio, you build a pie and weight each stock with a percentage instead of a dollar amount. Instead of investing $50 in Stock A, each investment is spread proportionally across your pie to keep your portfolio balanced with your investing targets.

If you’re not a DIY-investor, you might like WiseBanyan. As the world’s first fee-free robo-advisor (think Betterment), your investments are automatically invested in a baskets of ETFs proportional to your age and investing goals.

Websites For Free Stuff

11. Check Local Online Classifieds

Probably the easiest way to find free stuff online locally is to check online classified sites. The most prevalent free site is Craigslist by clicking the “Free” button in the For Sale menu section.

You can also try Freecycle which has more than 5,200 groups across the world. In addition to finding free things that others no longer want, you can also post a listing for the items you want too.

As long as you’re willing to drive to pick up the item, you can find some real treasures. You might be able to find some of the following items for free:

  • Printer ink
  • Firewood
  • TVs
  • Furniture
  • Ceiling fans
  • Hot tubs

Some items will need repairs and you might need to purchase replacement parts. If you have skills and want to save some money, browsing the free classifieds is a great way to find items you can’t find for free elsewhere or to start a “fix and flip” side hustle.

Money Tip: The Best 27 Sites Like Craigslist to Buy and Sell

12. Take Up Extreme Couponing

The Krazy Koupon Lady can take clipping coupons to an entirely new level. On her website, you can find some of the following deals:

  • Coupons
  • Weekly sales ads
  • Freebie deals

You can discover the best deals for several of these receipt scanning apps. Although the best freebies are always changing, it’s not uncommon to find free baby diapers or Tide laundry detergent, and finding heavily discounted items that you might not find in the weekly sales ad.


You no longer have to get the newspaper to clips coupons every week. As long as you have a printer, you can choose the coupons you wish to redeem and print them out. is one of the largest online coupons sites.

To save even more more, you can pair your redemptions with a receipt scanning app like Checkout51.

Go to

14. ShopGala

ShopGala lets you request free sample boxes that are seasonally-based. Free samples ship daily so you can request your box and receive it promptly. You will be able to sample name brand items for food, household supplies, and other products you use on a regular basis.

Go to ShopGala:

15. Amazon Kindle Ebooks

You can download many Amazon Kindle Ebooks for free in every non-fiction and fiction genre. These books might not be the latest titles or the most in-depth, but they are free and engaging to read. In addition to free ebooks, you can also find many books that only cost 99 cents.

To become a bestseller, many authors price their ebooks at 99 cents for the first week or two. After that, they slowly increase the price. Paying 99 cents isn’t a free book, but it’s still an awesome deal compared to buying a print version or even college textbooks for that matter.

Bonus: Amazon Prime members can request free samples too.

Go to Amazon Kindle Ebooks:

16. Totally Free Stuff

Totally Free Stuff is one of the first online freebie websites that’s been listing free stuff since 1998. You will need to sift through the various listings to find some of the following free items:

  • Air mattresses
  • Camping chairs
  • Books
  • Music
  • Paper towels

Many of their freebies are offered through the TopCashback shopping app, it’s free to join. One advantage of using TopCashback is that you get a 5% payout bonus when you redeem your cashback rewards for Amazon gift cards and other brands.

Go to Totally Free Stuff:

17. BzzAgent

BzzAgent is a leading sample testing websites. Major brands are more likely to partner with freebie sites like BzzAgent because you agree to share your opinion. Other free sites don’t always follow-up on how you like free samples. The more you share your experiences with BzzAgent, the more samples you can qualify to receive in the future.

Go to BzzAgent:

18. Daily Goodie Box

Some sites might only let you get free stuff once. Daily Goodie Box is potentially a site that keeps on giving. They send out sample boxes each day. If you get a box, you need to share your opinion after using the product.

Because you’re swapping your two cents for product samples, Daily Goodie Box can offer better products than other freebie sites. Some of the recent free samples include:

  • Prince and Spring Coffee Pods
  • Goddess Garden Daily Facial Routine
  • Mosquito Repellant
  • Good Karma Dairy Free Flax milk
  • Foods Alive Himalayan Pink Salt

Each box comes with samples of different items, so you can try a little bit of everything!

Go to Daily Goodie Box:

19. PingBug

PingBug can help you find free local deals for the following categories:

  • Beauty products
  • Groceries
  • Home Improvement

Some offers can be requested online and others will need to be purchased in-person with mail-in rebates or shopping apps like Ibotta. New freebies are published daily so visit frequently to find some of the best free samples available.

Go to PingBug:

20. Free Stuff Finder

Free Stuff Finder helps you find free stuff and free samples. You can request free samples online and the free stuff can be redeemed in-person. Some of the offers include free restaurant meals, free photo prints, and many others. It’s also possible to browse store ads and click-and-print coupons too.

Go to Free Stuff Finder:

21. Just Free Stuff

Just Free Stuff has a good reputation for sifting through the spammy freebie offers so you only get products from legit businesses. There are many rewards categories to choose from including audiobooks, music, samples, and stickers.

To never miss a freebie offer, you can sign up for their newsletter. Joining the newsletter also gives you the opportunity to win Just Free Stuff’s monthly contest. One monthly prize, for example, is an all-weather rechargeable radio worth $180.

Go to Just Free Stuff:

22. is another extensive website that makes it easy to find the following categories of free stuff online:

  • Samples
  • Tangible items including cell phones
  • Gift cards
  • International samples

Many freebie websites only offer samples for U.S. residents, but the “International” section can help you find deals that you can’t get anywhere else.

Go to


Another legacy freebie site is Other website homepages have a revolving list of the latest freebies as the older offers gradually drift lower. With, you must first click on one of the 36 different categories to view the current free product offers within.

It can be easier to find the offers here because of the organization method. You can request free samples or lots of other digital freebies that you’ve never thought of before including:

  • Fonts
  • Graphics
  • Internet access
  • Postcards

Go to

24. Free Stuff Times

Take a few minutes to comb through the listings on Free Stuff Times. Some of the potential freebies include:

You can also quickly see the 10 most recent freebies posted by looking at the left sidebar on the Free Stuff Times. Some offers only have limited quantities and acting quickly guarantees you get to claim a sample.

Go to Free Stuff Times:

25. FreeFlys

FreeFlys is one of the few freebie websites to reach the national spotlight, it was featured on NBC’s Today Show. While some websites have a plethora of categories to choose from, FreeFlys specializes in the following sample categories:

  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Children
  • Health

Go to FreeFlys:

26. Go Freebies

Find a variety of different free samples at Go Freebies. You can scroll through their listings of the newest freebies or also browse the categories. Another fun way to look for the best free stuff is clicking on one of these categories:

  • What’s new
  • Most likes
  • Most clicks
  • Free samples
  • Free stuff

If you need another incentive to try Go Freebies, you can win a $10 Amazon gift card by joining their newsletter. Eight prizes are awarded every single day.

Go to Freebies:

27. Everyday Family

Expecting parents can join Everyday Family for free. With a single signup, you can automatically enroll in the following baby clubs for more free baby stuff:

  • Everyday Mom Sampling Club
  • Enfamil
  • Target
  • Similac
  • Gerber

You can also use the Everyday Family website to get advice for the various stages of pregnancy and parenthood. If you’re still trying to decide on a name for baby, you can browse their bank of baby names and also give their gender predictor a whirl.

Go to Everyday Family:

28. Freebies4Mom

All freebies at Freebies4Mom are intended for mothers. You can find rewards codes to save money on those family essentials. Freebies4Mom also provides free recipes, samples, and local deals too.

Go to Freebies4Mom:

29. Free Sample Monkey

Free Sample Monkey has a unique approach to finding freebies. They scour the web for the latest freebies every 15 minutes and compiles the listings on their database. You can use their search engine to quickly find the free stuff you’re looking for.

Go to Free Sample Monkey:

30. Only Free

Only Free offers more than 1500 free samples. Health-minded samplers will want to look at their healthy section for some good offers. They have many other free items you can enjoy getting shipped to you too.

Go to Only Free:

31. PINCHme

Another “free samples for feedback website” is PINCHme. It’s free to join and they mail you a box of samples that you pick out. This is a fun way to try a variety of name brand items that you might already use or see on the store shelf and have never taken home.

Joining this platform can be a fun venture if you want to become a product tester.

Go to PINCHme:

32. 2000 Freebies

It’s an ingenious name and you may even try counting to see if there really are 2000 Freebies. The most common freebie are food samples but you can easily browse the listings in alphabetical order if you choose. Besides free sample, you can also print coupons from several different coupon websites.

Go to 2000 Freebies:

33. Sample a Day

With Sample a Day, you can view the latest free samples and offers each day. For example, you might be able to score free bagels from Panera Bread or even a purse-sized first aid kit. Most of the samples are going to be food or hygiene related.

Go to Sample Day:

34. Women Freebies

All the freebies on this site are geared for women. Hence the name Women Freebies. You will find many freebie categories to find products you need or want to try. There are also links to clip coupons, enter contests, and even get paid for sharing your opinion.

Go to Women Freebies:

35. Yo! Free Samples

You can use Yo! Free Samples to look for online free stuff. There two most popular categories seem to be saving money at Amazon and online sweepstakes.

So you don’t waste time requesting a freebie you won’t qualify for, Yo! Free Samples goes the extra step and labels some offers as “Possible.” For these listings you might have to apply for the listing to be approved. In the headline, you can also see if any freebies come with “strings attached” including:

  • Taking a survey
  • Sending a Facebook message
  • Joining an email list

Other freebie sites don’t go the extra mile to perform some of the due diligence for you. You might decide to visit this site just for these accolades.

Go to Yo! Free Samples:

36. Freaky Freddies

Freaky Freddies offers plenty of freebies for a variety of categories. Some people like coming here for the free kids stuff, but they have plenty of excellent selections in many categories. You can visit Freaky Freddies and won’t need to visit another website on this list, if you choose.

Go to Freaky Freddies:

37. FreebieRadar

FreebieRadar helps you locate the following online deals:

  • Samples
  • Free products
  • Coupons
  • Hot deals
  • Sweepstakes

There’s a wide array of listing to comb through. They do a good job of showing you the freebies that you might qualify for with your store loyalty clubs. For example, Verizon Wireless customers might have a $5 gift card waiting for them for a limited time.

Go to FreebieRadar:

38. Influenster

If you’re active on social media and don’t mind sharing your opinions of samples with your followers, Influenster will send you a VoxBox of food and health products. You will have the best chance of qualifying for a box if you’re active on Instagram. After completing their brief snap surveys, you can receive relevant products that you use maybe even love!

Go to Influenster:

39. Smiley360

Over 900,000 people have requested a sample box from Smiley360. Like a few other websites on this list, you complete your profile and Smiley360 mails you full-size samples to test and review. When Smiley360 is ready to send you a box, you will need to accept their mission invitation.

Go to Smiley360:

40. Snag Free Samples

Snag Free Samples finds samples for the following categories:

  • Beauty
  • Food
  • Health
  • Home
  • Supplements

You will find other freebies in other categories too. It’s possible to find free stickers, music CDs, and sweepstakes too. But, most of the free samples will be in the five categories listed above.

Go to Snag Free Samples:

41. Hunt4Freebies

Hunt4Freebies lets you sample in some of these areas:

  • Health and Hygiene
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Coupons
  • Food
  • Beauty and Fragrance

To find the latest and most popular freebies, you should also click the “Hot Free Stuff” tab.

Go to Hunt4Freebies:

42. I Crave Freebies

I Crave Freebies has a quite extensive list of freebies to choose from. Some of the categories that might pop out to you include:

  • Admissions and tickets
  • Kits
  • Teachers freebies
  • Travel

Like other “free stuff online websites,” you can also clip coupons too.

Go to I Crave Freebies:

43. Tubi

Do you only want to visit one website to watch free movies and TV. Tubi has more than 7,439 titles that you can watch for free. You never need to submit credit card information to watch a movie.

You can even watch content from big name studios including:

  • Lionsgate
  • MGM
  • Paramount
  • Starz

Although you won’t find every blockbuster title on Tubi, you should check out these three categories to find some hit films:

  • Not on Netflix
  • Hulu Movies and TV
  • Leaving Soon

You can also find plenty of movies and tv shows that you’ve never seen before either.

If you think Tubi’s content catalog is ocean-deep, you can also watch all content on your computer, mobile device, and smart tv.

Go to Tubi TV:

44. Viggle

Viggle makes it possible to get free gift cards and prizes when you watch tv and movies. All you need to do is check in when you start a program to earn rewards points that can be redeemed for a variety of prizes.

The Viggle app is free to use and connects with your other premium streaming apps like Hulu or even watching live TV.

Go to Viggle:


Get free information about prescription medication at You can also track all your own prescription medication using their app. It’s also possible to receive periodic discounts on your medication too.

Go to

46. Slickdeals

Most freebie websites are moderated by a single person. While you will find many great deals at these sites, you might also appreciate user feedback provided at Slickdeals. Most of the deals require a purchase, although there are a few deals that are truly free.

After finding a deal that interests you, you can read the user comments to potentially find more deals. For instance, some visitors will enter bonus codes that can get you free bonus points.

Slickdeals also has a forums section that you might be interested in visiting too. There is a special Freebies forum thread and you can also read about other deal-related topics and product reviews too.

Go to Slickdeals:


Enjoy camping? is an extensive databases of free campsites all across the country. By visiting their website and some of the other free camping tips, you may never have to pay for a campsite again. Even if you’re a glamper!

Go to

48. Juno

Juno still offers up to 10 hours of free dial-up internet every month. It’s not lightning-fast internet, but you have enough time and bandwidth for answering emails and basic web surfing.

Money Tip: How Every WiFi User Can Enjoy FREE Internet

Go to Juno:

49. Imagination Library

Does your child like to read books?

Thanks to country music superstar Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, your children can get a free book mailed to them each month until they begin school. Dolly started the program as a way to combat children’s illiteracy and to give children across the world something she didn’t have growing up, their own personal library of books.

50. Join Free Birthday Clubs

Everybody has a birthday. Over 150 restaurants and businesses offer birthday freebies when you join their birthday club.

You will need to either join their birthday club online or download the app to get the birthday coupons that can be redeemed in person. Depending on the birthday freebie, you might be able to enjoy one of the following free items:

  • Appetizer
  • Dessert
  • An entire meal!
  • Shopping discounts

These offers can be redeemed either during your birthday week or birthday month. Each place has a different policy, but it’s still easy to redeem multiple offers each birthday!

Go to Free Birthday Clubs:

Free Stuff Directly From the Manufacturer

Sometimes, you want to try products directly from the manufacturer that you can’t get from freebie websites. With these suggestions, you might have to pay shipping costs but can still get a good deal. It’s usually better to spend $5 in shipping before spending $40 on a product you only used once and can’t return.

51. Baby Leggings

Every parent likes to get adorable baby clothing for free. At Baby Leggings, you can get five free pairs of baby leggings by entering Moneypeach1 as the discount code. All you have to pay is the shipping and handling for your order. This suggestion isn’t completely free, but you’re still getting $50 of baby merchandise for free.

Related article: The 12 Hacks New and Expecting Mothers Use to Get Free Baby Stuff

52. National Pen

If you like customized pens, you can sample two different products before you buy them. Maybe you have a business, seminar, or reunion to plan for and need customized pens to broadcast your brand. Trying free samples can help you pick the right design the first time at National Pen.

Go to National Pen:

53. The Honest Company

You can sample various baby and health products from The Honest Company with a free discovery kit. If you like the products, you can sign-up for an online subscription or you can also buy most items at your local grocery store.

Go to The Honest Company:

54. Similac

Parents that feed their babies formula, know how expensive it can be to buy a single can of baby formula. Similac gives you over $400 in free coupons and samples to save money in the baby aisle.

Go to Similac:

55. Real Purity

You may want to wear makeup but might be allergic to the common makeup brands. Real Purity lets you order free samples of their products. You will have to pay shipping costs which are approximately $5 for a single sample.

Go to Real Purity:

56. Design a Tea

Tea drinkers should try Design a Tea for five free samples. You will pay $5 in shipping costs, but get a $2 credit on your next purchase. It’s possible to make your own custom blends which makes this a fun option or gift idea.

Go to Design a Tea:

57. Proctor & Gamble

Receive free Proctor & Gamble samples by testing products and sharing your feedback. After sharing your family background and which products you usually use, you can begin expecting free sample to arrive at your front door. You might also have the opportunity to try soon-to-be-released items too.

Go to Proctor & Gamble:

58. McCormick

If you live near a McCormick test lab, you can apply to become a tester online. You can test up to four times a year and will be paid for your time. This can be a fun opportunity if you enjoy free food.

Go to McCormick:

59. Redbox Movies

There are several ways to find free Redbox codes online. Many people use Redbox to catch the latest new releases instead of waiting for the title to come to Netflix. Maybe you can find some free popcorn to go with your free movie!

Get the 12 Secret Redbox Free Movie Codes:

60. Target

Target offers free samples too. The selection changes each month and you can request a male or female beauty box. You will need to pay for some of these samples, so it’s a not entirely free but can be a good option if you can’t find similar free items using the other websites mentioned here.

Go to Target’s Free Samples Page:

61. Walmart

Periodically, Walmart offers free samples for multiple shopping categories. One of the most common free samples is their Baby Box. You will need to pay $5 for shipping, but all the products are free. They have three different Baby Box options:

  • Prenatal box
  • Newborn/infant box
  • Toddler box

Go to Walmart Coupons Page:

Other Cool Places to Get Free Stuff Online

While using the websites above can help you get free stuff delivered to your doorstep, these other suggestions can help you find free stuff online. The only catch is that you have to get the item in-person.


You might have a few questions about getting free stuff online so you can spot the good offers the first time.

How Do You Find Free Stuff Online?

You will need to visit one of the freebie sites listed above. Unless you visit a manufacturer’s website, most free sample websites link you to the sample provider.

To quickly find the best freebies for you, browse the different categories to quickly look for items that interest you. For example, you don’t want to look through three pages of beauty products when you only want to find a free book.

Are Free Samples Really Free?

It depends on the sample. Some companies will send you free samples, products, and apps for free and never follow-up. Other companies might require you to complete a survey, join a mailing list, or pay shipping costs.

Other free samples require you to join a subscription club and you need to opt-out before the free trial period ends. To cancel the trial, you will have to either call the customer service number or opt-out online before your credit card is charged.

Are you familiar with the saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch?” It still rings true today.

Are All Online Freebies Trial-Size Products?

Not every free product is trial-size, but you usually need to pay shipping or share feedback if you receive full-size products.

For digital freebies, it’s easier to get full-fledged free apps and services because the sample provider doesn’t have to pay delivery costs. Depending on the app, they might have a premium version you can pay for if you can benefit from the additional features.

Are Online Freebies Better Than Physical Freebies?

Free digital products and services can be better than physical freebies because they are cheaper to produce and deliver. There are many free online services mentioned above that help you get free products when you shop online or in-person.

But, the answer depends on two factors:

  • Why do you want free stuff?
  • What do you need to use it for?

Because there are so many digital products you can get for free, combing through these sites can save you lots of money.

When it comes to requesting physical samples online, mail samples are also an excellent way to try products before you buy in the store. These free samples sometimes come with coupons to save money if you decide to buy the product when the sample ends.

Are There Free Stuff Online Scams?

You have to perform due diligence on anything you request in-person or online. As always, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Most free samples are legit, but you should still read all the details to make sure you don’t accidentally sign up for a subscription service with a monthly fee.

Other websites might sign you up for several mailing lists. They pay for the free sample by providing your email address to other companies that you may or may not want to interact with.

Most free samples don’t require a credit card. If you need to enter your credit card information it should be to pay for shipping charges only. Make sure there won’t be recurring charges.


You won’t be able to find everything for free online, but you can find a lot of things. With this list of websites, it’s easier than ever to find free stuff online. Whether you want tangible items or a free digital app, you shouldn’t have a problem finding it online for free.

Are We Missing Anything?

Leave us a comment below and let us know what we need to add or if you have any experience with any of these – both good or bad.

Thanks so much!


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