Hey there! I'm Chris Petrie, but I'm know by most as "Peach" (Petrie = Peetree = Peach).

I am a personal finance expert and I help everyday people remove the stress and fear of money by showing them how to save more, make more, and keep more of their money.

My Story

Honestly, I never had a desire to become a personal finance expert. I mean, has anyone ever said as a child that they were going to grow up and become a personal finance expert?

My passion for personal finance came after I fell flat on my face when it comes to managing money.

In 2008, my wife and I were married and we both had great jobs. I was a full-time firefighter and my wife Andrea was actually a television news anchor in Phoenix, Arizona. Together we both had a really great income and life seemed pretty simple.

Since we made good money we figured we would spend good money too.

After three years of buying new cars, taking lavish vacations, wearing name-brand everything, racking up debt on credit cards and making minimum payments on the student loan — we hit rock bottom.

On February 23rd, 2011 we went completely broke. We had been living paycheck to paycheck, we didn't have any cash set aside, we had maxed out credit cards and we were facing $52,000 in consumer debt alone.

The good news about hitting rock bottom is the only place you have to go is up. We created a budget and stuck to it, cut our lifestyle way back, and paid off $52,000 in 7 months. And when you pay off that amount of debt in such a short amount of time — people notice.

The Beginning of Money Peach

Friends of ours were struggling with managing their money and they had reached out for help. We had them over for dinner and although I didn't realize it at the time — this was my first financial coaching session.

Soon the word spread and I was showing more and more people how to live on a budget. This transitioned into hosting in-person classes at my local Crossfit gym in 2014. One of the people in the class at the Crossfit gym suggested I start a blog and a few months later Money Peach was launched on March 24th, 2015. You can still read the very first post on the blog here.

Money Peach Today

Since 2015 I have had the privilege of growing my passion for personal finance through blogging, podcasting, online education and group coaching. What started out as one post has grown into something I could never have imagined. I have written articles for many large publications including becoming a contributor for the Acorns Grow Magazine.

I have also been featured in publications including:

My favorite project right now is inside our flagship program Smart Money Academy - a live coaching program where students meet with me twice a week for five weeks to learn how to create a cash flow plan (budget), save more money, and pay off debt quickly.

Personal Life

I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my wife Andrea and two children, Carter (9) and Caylee (7). I am still a full-time firefighter while also running Money Peach full-time. When I am not on the fire truck or on my laptop, you will find me at the Crossfit gym or at one of the kids' sports events.


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