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How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding?

Every couple dreams of having the perfect wedding. Turning those dreams into a reality can get expensive quickly. Today, we’re going to answer this question every bride and groom ask: How much should you spend on a wedding? The average American wedding costs between $20,000 and $30,000. Does that sound too high for one day? […]

50+ Things to Do at Night That Won’t Break the Bank

Many of us enjoy living by the motto, “Work Hard, Play Hard.” You work hard to make ends meet and have a little extra cash to enjoy the fruits of your labor. As you already know, going out can get expensive in a hurry. After browsing through this abundant list of ideas, you’ll be saying: […]

46 Easy Ways to Get Money Quickly

We all experience times when we need money now.  It might be an unexpected bill, having to replace your car prematurely, or a last-minute opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime. Regardless of the circumstances, having to replenish your emergency fund is never a fun task. These suggestions can help you make money quickly […]