pay off mortgage early

Episode 010: Don’t be Duped by the 30 Year Mortgage

What if you woke up and you no longer had credit card debt?…
retire a millionaire

Episode 009: Can You Retire a Millionaire?

Retire a Millionaire? Did you know the average household income…
car payments

Episode 008: Car Payments Suck!

    Car Payments Suck! The greatest separation…
debt snowball

Episode 007: The Debt Free Formula

  Debt Snowball vs Debt Avalanche Money is 10% behavior…
sinking funds

Episode 005: Save More with Sinking Funds

  Welcome to Episode 005 of the Money Peach TV &…
cash myths

Episode 003: The Power of Using Cash

    In this episode of Money Peach TV,…
How to Start a Budget

Episode 002: Starting a Budget

Welcome to Episode 002 of the Money Peach TV & Podcast.…
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