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Episode 50: Building the Community through Crossfit with the Vaydas

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My Guest on the Show…

This is a special day for me and this show – the 50th episode!

If you have been listening for a while, you may have noticed a common theme with many of the guests: I either met them at or through the “gym”.

I decided to tie all of those guests together by inviting the founders and owners of the Crossfit gym I attend – Brian and Lisa Vayda.

In 2012, they were taking a road trip and started dreaming about taking their passion and turning into a business. A few months later, that dream would become a reality. And within a year, the reality was this: they had created the second largest Crossfit gym in the entire state of Arizona!

During the interview, we break down why they were able to achieve such a high level of success early on and how they almost lost everything right at the peak of it all. We discuss the ups and downs in starting and keeping the gym alive and some the greatest challenges we all face as entrepreneurs.

One of the biggest takeaways from the episode is the very personal story about one of the toughest moments inside their journey as husband and wife entrepreneurs, and how they were able to push through when many of us would have called it quits.

The Community

Here is the list of interviews from this Crossfit gym:

Now, I have a few questions for you all…

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Show Notes

Growing up Brian [3:10]

Growing up Lisa [4:45]

Where I met Brian and Crossfit [7:15]

Brian’s first gym experience [11:15]

Lisa’s 360 turnaround [12:45]

Non-stop hustle [18:45]

Telling me I was fat! [21:00]

Cash flowing the business [24:20]

The very beginning of Crossfit Incendia [26:05]

Building the community [30:00]

Growing pains and almost going broke [35:30]

Customers = friends = family  [44:00]

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