Episode 048: Understanding Facebook Ads and Paying Off $120k in 2 Years – with Monica Louie

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My Guest on the Show…

Monica recently joined Money Peach as my Facebook Ads coach. We meet twice a week and not only is she helping me understand how to use Facebook Ads to grow my business, she has provided an incredible amount of value in other areas of Money Peach as well.

Before we start each coaching call, we usually chit-chat for a few minutes, and just last week she mentioned to me how their family recently paid off $120k in 2 years. Wow!

Note to self – Monica needs to come on the show to share her incredible debt-free story.

Then we started talking about her business as a Facebook Ads coach and how she had to make the pivot from blogger to coach in order to grow her business at a rapid rate.

Note to self – Monica needs to come on the show to share her entrepreneurial journey.

Lastly, Monica and I were talking about how Facebook Ads are the absolute best way to grow your business, especially when you are just getting started. But, what should you do first and how should you do it?

Note to self – Monica needs to come on the show to talk Facebook Ads.

And this is exactly what this episode does…

BONUS: Monica is giving away a Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet Guide inside the episode!


Facebook Ads Guide PDF

Now, I have a few questions for you all…

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Monica’s Freebie Cheat Sheet: Getting Started with Facebook Ads Guide

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Show Notes

Growing up Monica Louie [3:08]

Money habits from mom [07:19]

Work ethic [11:48]

Paying off $120k of debt [12:49]

Starting her first business with her blog [21:00]

The move into Facebook Ads coaching [24:50]

Why every business will benefit from Facebook Ads [25:44]

Here’s why you see an ad on Facebook right after you shopped on Amazon [29:01]

Facebook ads for local businesses (brick and mortar stores) [31:04]

How Target knows more about you than…[32:48]

The Facebook Ads Machine (how to print money) [39:17]

Boosting posts in Facebook – yay or nay? [42:24]

Side benefits of Facebook Ads [44:48]

Getting started with Facebook Ads (step 1) [47:35]

Monica’s freebie Facebook Ads cheat sheet [50:58]

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