Episode 054: From Schoolteacher to Nutrition Coach to Debt Freedom

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Episode 054: From Schoolteacher to Nutrition Coach to Debt Freedom

My Guest on the Show…

Amanda Walker from Awalkmyway.com is a successful nutritional coach who has had tremendous growth in her business and has even created a cult-like following in her first year as a macros coach.

I ask Amanda to tell her story of leaving her job as a schoolteacher to pursue her passion as a successful entrepreneur in the niche of nutritional coaching – specifically macros coaching.

What is macros coaching?

Amanda explains what “tracking your macros” actually means, why it is important for everyone to “macro”, and why this has become such a popular trend over the past few years. Whether you are a new mom trying to get back into shape or a power lifter trying to build more muscle, tracking your macros is a must.

Much like I said many times in regards to your money – what gets measured gets managed – the same holds true for your nutritional goals as well.

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Show Notes

Who is Amanda Walker [2:50]

The 75-year old man [4:23]

Leaving her teaching job with debt [8:33]

The Money Peach coaching session [12:28]

What are “Macros”? [16:05]

The decision to start her business [22:07]

Hiring a business coach [35:09]

Say Yes and figure it out later [40:20]

Her latest client success story [49:03]

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