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My wife and I were paycheck to paycheck our first three years of marriage.  It sucked.

In April 2011, I was normal. I woke up in our nice house, with the nice cars in the garage and name brand everything.  I was 28 years old, married with a new baby at home, living paycheck to paycheck, and sitting in $52,000 worth of debt. I was “living the American Dream”…..I was normal.

I started learning more and more about normal.

  • Normal is in fact living paycheck to paycheck since 70% of American households already do.
  • Normal is driving around a car that is dragging an average $495 car payment for the next 66 months.
  • Normal is a credit card balance of $5,600 and normal is graduating college with $30,000 in student loans.
  • Another great word for normal: Crap.

My wife and I made a decision that we weren’t going to be normal anymore. We were sick and tired of being the rat in the wheel. Just like you, we worked way too hard to feel this broke.

We finally had that “we’ve had it moment” which would result in us changing our lives forever. We sold stuff, we sold our luxury car, I started cleaning pools on my off days, we worked overtime, we sold more stuff, we cut out the crap we really didn’t need, we cancelled vacations, we lived on a written budget, and it worked.

Seven months later we had paid off $52,000 in debt.

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People thought we were crazy and I actually remember wondering if we were. But, we were the ones that no longer had payments. We finally had this thing called money. We were able to start paying cash for things and were actually paying less. We started saving more than we ever thought possible. We started living OUR lives the way we wanted.

Do you know what it is called when you are debt free, paying with cash, dumping a ton extra on your mortgage, and saving more than you ever thought possible? It’s called winning.

I became so passionate about getting out of debt and stepping away from normal, I decided to share our story with others. People started wondering what we were doing, so we showed them.

  • We stared helping a few close friends with their money problems.
  • Then we started helping their friends.
  • Then we started doing classes to show people how to manage money.
  • Next, I started this blog to create a way to give my budget out to the entire world.

Today, Money Peach has grown into the go-to website for learning how to manage money, get out of debt, build savings, and every little thing in between when it comes to your money.

However, before you do anything with your money, the very first thing is to start measuring it. Would you ever take a road trip without a fuel gauge? Then why go through life without measuring and managing your money with a monthly budget.

This is the Exact Same Budget We Use Everyday. You Can Have It.

How did we do all of this?

Two words: Behavior Change.

You see, what we finally realized was personal finance isn’t all about the numbers, it’s about behavior. Once we changed our behavior with our money, things started happening. The needle started moving a little….then a lot…..and then we broke free from the chains of payments.

Imagine laying in your bed at night and not owing anyone a dime. Imagine having a cash reserve on hand for the unexpected. Imagine looking forward to retirement because you started saving more instead of paying the bank. We once imagined these things….now we get to live it.

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Also, don’t forget to download the same Budget we started using in 2011 to get out of debt, build wealth, and live again. It’s all yours now 🙂


Podcast EP001: How We Paid Off $52k in 7 Months


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This money stuff isn’t taught anywhere and it needs to be on the minds of people just like you. What would the world be like if we didn’t have debt payments each month? How would people feel if they no longer had the stress about money? How much more fun could we have if money was no longer the #1 problem in life?

Someone out there needs to see this. It’s helpful, it’s needed, and most importantly – you get to help get the word out.

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