19 Quick and Easy Ways to Earn Free Google Play Credits

Posted Feb 28, 2020 | Chris Petrie

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Have an Android and want to know how to get free Google Play credit?

Yes you can definitely use your own cash to pay for apps or games in the Google Play store. But, there are also really simple ways to earn free Google Play credits. Here are 19 different ways to get started right away.

19 Ways to Get Free Google Play Credit

Google Play credits never expire which makes it great to keep earning so you don’t have to spend money in the Google Play store. Sure, you can buy the credit for a later time but there are plenty of ways to earn free or discounted credit for your account as well. Let’s get started with the list, starting with our favorites.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an amazing app that will help you get free Google Play credits and so many other rewards! To take advantage of Swagbucks you can take surveys, shop online, play online games, watch sponsored videos, learn about new products, refer your friends, and other ways!

Swagbucks is one of the easiest apps to use and gives you countless ways to earn money. Another huge perk of Swagbucks is that you don’t need a mobile device and can do from your desktop or laptop device.

Make sure you don’t forget to check your inbox frequently as Swagbucks sends tons of offers to earn big. Additionally, they have promotions to help you receive discounts to redeem your prize.

Once you reach 1,000 Swagbucks you can cash out and receive $10 of Google Play credits. If you want to wait you can also choose to get a larger amount and receive even more in Google Play credits in the future.

2. Mistplay

Mistplay pays you to play games on your Android. Seriously.

You will start off by choosing from a list of different games in you “mixlist”. Once you start playing, you will begin earning points and you can redeem those points to earn Google play credit.

You can also redeem Mistplay points for the following

  • Visa gift cards
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Xbox gift cards
  • Starbucks, iTunes, Nintendo and Playstation gift cards

If you already enjoy playing games on your phone, here is a full list of places where you can get paid to play games.

Free Amazon gift cards? Yes please! Here’s a list of the top places for free Amazon gift cards in $5, $10 or more increments.

free google play credit3. InstaGC

I really like InstaGC as an easy way to earn Google Play credit. I’ve used this before and had no issues redeeming my credit for gift cards. 

You will earn credits for all of these activities within the app:

  • Browsing the web as you normally do by conducting web searches
  • Take surveys
  • Online shopping
  • Watching videos
  • Referring friends (110 additional points or 1/10 of a $10 gift card)
  • And other options!

They offer gift cards in $10, $15 and $25 increments. Plus they have other great options besides Google Play gift cards.

4. Gift Card Granny

If you haven’t used Gift Card Granny to purchase gift cards you are missing out! This site is awesome for finding discounted gift cards, selling your old gift cards, and finding special promotions you might have missed otherwise.

Once you sign up for an account they will let you earn your own gift cards including Google Play. Check on this site frequently as they offer giveaways and contests to win all types of gift cards as well.

Here are four other ways to take advantage of Gift Card Granny:

  • Refer a friend for an easy 1,000 points
  • Purchase other gift cards directly through them
  • Share gift card promotions with friends and family
  • Just signing up for a FREE account

Pro tip: I will often look to Gift Card Granny for date night ideas. Just recently I was able to find a $50 gift card to P.F. Changs for $30 on. That’s a 40% discount for date night!

5. Get Free Credits for Registering Your Chromecast Device

First off, if you don’t have a Chromecast device I highly recommend buying one! They make it simple and easy to stream your favorite shows and movies onto your TV without having to waste money on cable.

Download and install Google Home on your Android device to see what offers are available when registering your Chromecast device. I’ve seen different deals but they can range anywhere from $6-$25. If you currently log on and see a smaller deal and aren’t in a big rush, wait for a larger credit in the future.

Plus, Google lets you register more than one device. If you have several devices in your family make sure to register each one for more Google Play credits.

Remember, all you need to do is register your device(s), simple as that!

6. Register Your Samsung Devices to Receive to Earn Google Play Credits

If you have a Samsung device (or devices) you are also in luck! All you need to do is register your device directly with Samsung. Like the Chromecast device activation, the credit amounts can vary. When I signed up in the past I received a free $25 in Google Play credit.

Plus, Samsung offers Google Play gift cards for free when you purchase a new device like the Pixel or Google Home. Also, be sure to check the registration email regularly as Samsung is constantly offering other great deals.

7. Juno Wallet

While the first three ways are pretty straightforward there are a ton of apps now to earn Google play credit. Junowallet is more work than some of the other apps below but it also has more ways to earn Google Play credit. These include taking surveys, downloading apps, and watching videos.

But they have another feature that will allow you to earn even more credit by making calls and snapping mystery rewards. If you do receive a mystery reward make sure you act fast as they disappear in 10 seconds!

You are also rewarded for sharing this app with as many friends as possible. They have three different levels so the more friends you bring in the more you are rewarded.

Once you have enough points you can redeem them for Google Play credits. They also let you use the points to enter into Juno Rewards raffles for more deals and other retail gift cards like Amazon.

8. Google Opinion Rewards

This is one of the best and easiest ways to earn Google Play credit. There is no need to download other apps or refer friends. The Google Opinion Rewards app should come pre-installed on your Android device but if not, make sure to download it for free from the Android store.

Once you sign up for an account they will alert you of surveys to take and receive credit once completed. While the earnings aren’t much, usually average .25 cents, the questions are simple and don’t take long to answer (usually 3-10 questions, depending on length). Longer surveys can pay up to $1 and don’t take much more of your time.

Redeeming them is the simplest and easiest way as well! The credits are applied instantly to your Google Play account so you don’t need to wait to redeem. Plus, you don’t’ have to worry about transferring gift cards or redeeming codes like some of the other options below.

If you prefer simple and easy to earn Google Play credits I highly recommend this option. Download the app and try to take one survey per day. You won’t need to watch videos, download more apps, or play games that you have no interest in. While some surveys may be small you can easily make $10 – $20 per month in your spare time.

9. Feature Points

Like other apps, Feature Points, rewards you by playing games and trying out other apps for free. They partner with developers to get more exposure to new apps and allow you beta test before they hit the market.

You can identify bugs, play the games, use the apps, and refer friends to receive a different prize. The more friends you refer the more you are rewarded as you receive 50% of the points each one of them earns. They have several redemption options as well but one of them is Google Play gift cards.

10. Gift Box

Gift Box is similar to Boom Gift and allows you earn Google Play gift cards for your prizes. Some of their games are fun and super easy to use including Spin the Wheel.

If you visit the app each day you will earn points and can earn even more by downloading other apps, referring your friends, and watching sponsored videos. Plus, the app is highly rated in the Google Play store so you know that you are working with a trusted app.

11. FreeMyApps

This app is nearly identical to FeaturePoints as you are rewarded for playing games, downloading apps, and testing out other features. You can earn more points if you join their social media contents and refer friends to the program as well.

Another benefit is that they are a trusted app that has already paid out of $27 million in gift cards! Plus, FreeMyApps has a massive selection of gift cards that you can choose from other than Google Play credits. You can select CVS, Amazon, in-game currencies and many others. And if you are feeling generous you can also choose to donate your credit to several charity options as well.

12. AppNana

AppNana is another great app to help you get free Google play credits. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users. Each time you download and play apps you receive what are known as “nanas.” Once you reach the “nana” threshold you can redeem them for free Google play credits.

If you log into your account each day you will receive 400 points per day automatically! If you play games like Candy Crush or other Facebook games you will receive even more nanas (points). You can redeem your points in Google Play gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Amazon, and others. Or, if you want to keep them on the app you can redeem on the AppNana store as well.

13. WhaFF Rewards

Whaff Rewards is only available to Android devices and similar to the apps previously mentioned. If you just download the app you automatically get credit unlike other apps. An easy way to earn more credit with WhaFF rewards is to connect it with your Facebook account. Some apps will be more valuable than others with a general price range of .10-.70 cents per app you download.

Hopefully, you have a ton of storage on your phone as you rewarded more the longer you keep the app active on your device. They also offer other payout options including Facebook cash, online gift cards and even cryptocurrencies. Yes, you can even earn crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

14. Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is very similar to the other sites above and reward you for downloading other apps. Plus, the more friends you refer the more money you receive. If you refer 10 friends you will receive $10. They do have a bonus feature that will allow you to get more free Google Play credit if you connect with your Facebook account. Make sure you Facebook settings allow sharing and let others know to receive credit for referring them as well.

15. GameFlip

Unlike the other apps where you download or play games, Gameflip simply sells gift cards for discounted prices, including Google Play. This isn’t really earning Google Play credits but buying them at a discount.

16. Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards is a reward system from Microsoft that will let you earn rewards for using Bing search engine. It’s not nearly as good as Google Chrome in my opinion but it’s an easy way to get Amazon gift cards. With your Amazon gift cards then you can buy a Google Play gift card. Depending on the seller, you might also receive a discount as they rarely sell them for the full amount.

This method isn’t as easy to earn Google Play credits as some of the others but it still works great. Quick disclaimer, you do need to be at least 13 years old to become a member of the Bing Rewards.

17. Gift Wallet

Gift Wallet is a little different from most of the other options but still a great way to earn Google Play credit. This is a rewards app that focuses on helping you redeem offers but sometimes you do need to pay for the discounted gift cards (unlike other apps).

They also reward you for sharing the app on your social media platforms and if you get someone to sign up directly through your link. Once you reach the limit you will receive these discounts directly to your inbox.

18. Use Your Costco Membership

The benefits of being a Costco member never seem to end! If you are not already a member I highly recommend joining as you can get discounts on so many items in store and online. Not to mention the cheap food court!

One of the perks of shopping at Costco is the massive discount you receive on gift cards. I’ve personally restaurant gift cards to eat at my favorite restaurants for instant savings. Normally they are something like $70 for $100 worth of service with no limit to the amount you can buy. One of those gift cards is Google Play!

In the past, Costco ran a huge promotion where they offered $50 for $100 worth of Google Play gift cards. The best part is that they are gift cards, not promotions which means there is no expiration date!

The annual membership to Costco is only $50-$100 depending on which package you select. With this low annual cost it makes the membership nearly pay for itself if you plan on buying these gift cards consistently. These are also great ideas to use for holidays and birthdays gifts!

19. Take Surveys to Earn Google Play Credit

If you enjoy taking surveys, there are a few that pay out in Google play credits. 

PrizeRebel: They are an established online survey company that has paid out of $11 million dollars in the past 11 years! Like Quick Thoughts, simply sign up and take the required surveys but you will be paid in Google Play gift cards.

How to Redeem Your Google Play Codes

Congrats, you now have plenty of ways to earn Google Play credit. If you ever get bored watching more sponsored videos or playing games remember why you are doing it — free credit!

Here’s how to redeem your hard-earned Google Play credit:

  1. Sign into your account (or create one) at play.google.com.
  2. Find the app or game you want to purchase and click on the link.
  3. Once you are on the next page click on the buy button.
  4. The final page will show your different payment options. Choose your Google Play credit or enter your gift card balance to complete your purchase.

As I’ve mentioned, some of the apps will apply the credit directly to your account while others might give you points to redeem for gift cards. Some may even require a third step by gifting you Amazon gift cards which you then need to buy Google Play gift cards.

What if I use an iOS Device?

While the majority of these ways are only for Android devices you can still take advantage of them with an iOS device. You aren’t able to download the Google play store to your device but you can still download specific apps like Google Play books, music, movies & TV.

How to Avoid Google Play Credit Scams

Anytime you are trying to receive a discount or free gift cards know that scammers are always close. Don’t get caught in a Google Play credit scam!

When researching this post I found a ton of different scams and encourage you to be careful about where you are providing your information online.

Often times these Google Play scams are from Google Play credit generators. They will claim to generate you a code (sometimes instantly) to receive free credit on your account.

Usually, they will just send you an email or shady attachment that can steal your information (or install malware which will slow down your device). I advise you to stay away from all Google Play credit Generators for your own safety and they never work.

Get Started Earning Google Play Credit Now!

As you can tell there is no shortage of ways to get free Google Play credit with these sites and apps. Some of these apps might take time on a regular basis but you can use a few of these methods only once and receive a big credit. Although it can require time, you can think of earning free Google Play credit as another way to make money from an app on your phone!

I’d recommend that you start by registering your devices (if you have any), purchase a Costco membership, and then do some of the apps. A ton of these apps and games reward you for the behavior you are already doing, which makes it really easy to earn Google Play credits. I would use all of these before actually spending money on a Google Play card.

While these are great ways to earn credit make sure to be very careful where you enter your information as Google Play scams are everywhere. The fake websites look very real but the codes never work! Stay alert but use these methods to never spend a dime in the Google Play store again.

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