Have Unused Amazon Gift Cards? You Should Sell them For Cash on These Sites

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Julie in Baltimore reached out to Money Peach and asked, “Where can I sell my Amazon gift card and get cash? I need to stop buying stuff and would rather have the cash to pay bills and pay down debt.”

Julie’s not alone. Maybe you too have Amazon gift card you no longer have use for and you just want to sell it. Whether it was a free gift card to Amazon in lieu of getting cash or someone gifted it to you, the good news you can sell it for cash.

We did the research and found 14 legitimate ways you can sell your Amazon gift card quickly and safely.

Note: There are many options for getting cash for your Amazon gift card. Which selling avenue is best for you depends on your goals for the money.

Best Sites to Help You Sell Your Gift Cards Online to Others

These sites will help you find the best routes for selling your gift cards to other sites. They can be a good catch-all choice for finding the best price for your gift card.

1. Raise

Raise is a site that allows you to sell gift cards from most well-known stores and restaurants, including Amazon. They have a few parameters for selling gift cards:

  • Physical gift cards must have a balance of at least $10
  • E-gift cards must have a balance of at least $5
  • All gift cards must have a balance of under $2,000

It’s free to list your gift card on Raise, however they will take a 12% commission when it sells. Also, if you have a physical gift card they’ll charge you a small fee to cover the cost of the prepaid shipping label.

Once you sell your gift card, Raise will send you an email notifying you after your funds are available. You can choose to have available funds sent to you in one of three ways:

  • Direct deposit to your bank checking or savings account
  • An actual check mailed to your home
  • PayPal

2. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny helps you sell your gift card to other gift card exchange sites. When you go to their website, enter in your gift card merchant name (in this case it would be Amazon). Next, enter the amount of your gift card and a list will populate that will show you the names of gift card exchange sites. Choose the best one willing to buy your gift card, and for what price they’ll pay you.

Also, with this site you can take the offer given by an exchange site and receive immediate cash. Or you can list it directly on the site you choose and do a trade in with other gift cards.

Gift card granny also has an extension for Google Chrome. The extension shows you in real time the available Gift Cards and the discount you’ll receive when using the card over cash.

Note: Due to convenience of the extension, you might be offered a lower amount of cash than you would if you sold the card directly to one of those merchants.

3. Gameflip

Gameflip allows you to sell unused, prepaid, non-reloadable gift cards from Amazon as well as a few other places.

When a buyer purchases your card, the money goes into your Gameflip wallet. From there you can transfer it to PayPal, your bank account or Bitcoin.

There are no listing fees with Gameflip, however they do say that they take a “small” selling fee when your gift card sells. However I was unable to uncover exactly what that fee is on their website..

Since buying gift cards isn’t Gameflip’s primary source of business, you might find they pay a lower commission than other sites, but it’s always worth checking just to be sure.

Best Sites for Selling Your Gift Card on Your Own

These sites allow you to be in total control of who you sell to and how much you sell for. Remember, there is some risk involved as you’re often not dealing with a seller that is a well-known business, but instead with private individual buyers.

4. Craigslist

Many people try and sell their unwanted gift cards on Craigslist. Most listings for gift cards for sale were listed in the “general” for sale category when I did my research on our local major metropolitan area Craigslist site.

There were quite a few listings to choose from when I checked, which probably means it’s a popular way to sell gift cards in many metropolitan areas.

My only caution in selling your Amazon gift card on Craigslist would be to make sure you meet in a highly public place, tell someone where you are going and be prepared to prove that your gift card or e-gift card is valid and that the balance on it is correct.

You may have to prove that by pulling up your gift card account balance on your smartphone or calling the Amazon customer service center.

I’d also recommend taking cash only and not a personal check or other promise of payment. If by chance the person has something you would want to make a trade for, you could go that route too.

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5. Letgo

Letgo is one of a handful of sites that are similar to Craigslist and could also be a good place to sell unwanted gift cards.

Again, based on my research on the Letgo site in my area, lots of people are selling gift cards on this site too and it seems to be a popular choice as well.

I’d suggest using the same types of safety rules and payment acceptance rules as you would when selling on Craigslist.

6. Facebook

A Facebook buy and sell group could be another great place to sell your Amazon or other gift card. When I checked my local area for buy and sell groups on Facebook, there were five different groups offering to buy my unwanted gift cards.

Again, you’ve got to be wary of scammers when selling on sites such as Facebook, unless you have personal knowledge of the people in the buy/sell group and know that they’re trustworthy.

Another option for selling your gift card on Facebook could be to just put it out there as a single post to family, friends and other followers. You might say, “Hey, guys, I’ve got this Amazon gift card for $100. Anyone want to buy it off me for $90?”

A simple, direct approach like this might work well. After all, who doesn’t have tons of stuff they want to buy or need to buy that Amazon sells?

7. eBay

Just like it is for everything else, eBay is a popular place for selling unwanted gift cards. Although I did find many professional gift card sellers on eBay, there were also many one-time gift card owners looking to sell their gift cards on the site as well.

Keep in mind when you decide on the listing price for your gift card, you’ll potentially be paying listing fees as well as selling fees if you choose to offer your card on eBay.

Those fee amounts vary depending on what types of deals eBay is giving sellers at any given moment, but rest assured you will pay something. Take that into account as you determine your selling price for selling your gift card on eBay.

Also, keep in mind it will cost something to ship the card as well, unless you’ve got yourself an e-gift card. If this is your situation take the shipping cost into account (eBay usually gives you some shipping options as well as estimated shipping prices) as you determine your selling price for the gift card.

8. Reddit

Reddit, the popular content rating and discussion website, also has a gift card exchange page. This is a forum-type of a page where you can list what you have (i.e. an Amazon gift card) and what you want for it (i.e. cash, a gift card to another store, etc.).

As I browsed through the listings, I found some people asking for other types of gift cards in exchange for the ones they had, while others asked for a PayPal payment.

Reddit also has a list of tips for protecting yourself as you sell or trade your gift card on the right sidebar of their exchange site.

If you’re going to try and sell your gift card on Reddit’s gift card exchange, I’d make sure to take all of the suggested tips I listed in the Craigslist section for protecting yourself into account.

Best Sites that Will Buy Your Gift Card from You

These sites will buy your gift card directly from you. Although you might not get as big of a payout by selling your gift card to some of these sites, you will get guaranteed cash and get it quickly.

9. Card Pool

Card Pool will pay you cash for your Amazon and other gift cards (technically they pay via a check), but they’ll also allow you to trade it in for another gift card.

They will also accept actual gift cards, e-gift cards and even store credit vouchers. If you choose to get paid via a check, their website says the check will arrive between 5 and 10 days after they receive your gift card and plus one additional business day to process it.

Checks are sent via United States Postal Service first class mail.

Bonus: Card Pool does own kiosks around the country where you can go and turn in your gift card for immediate cash.

In my area they had dozens of kiosks, many of which were located at Target stores. I couldn’t find any details on their website, but I’m assuming the kiosks will only take actual gift cards and not e-gift cards at their kiosks. You may want to assume that before you consider the kiosk option.

10. Card Kangaroo

Card Kangaroo is different in that they will only accept actual gift cards and not e-gift cards. As with other sites, you simply enter the merchant name and the dollar amount of the gift card, and they’ll give you an offer price.

If you accept their offer, they’ll send you a free prepaid shipping label with which you can send them your gift card.

After they receive your gift card, they’ll verify the balance and send you your money via PayPal deposit or a check sent via U.S. mail.

According to their website, you’ll typically get your payment within 48 hours of when they receive your gift card, however they do state that some gift cards take longer to verify.

Also, if you choose the option to receive a check, you’ll have to add mail processing time to the 48 hour timeline as well.

11. Gift Card Spread (Also called GC Spread)

Gift Card Spread works a bit differently in that when you want to sell your Amazon gift card to them (or any other gift card) they ask that you make them an offer for the sale price.

Their website promises that they’ll get back to you within 24 hours to let you know whether or not they accept your offer.

If they don’t, no worries; they will send a counteroffer with their rejection of your offer. Although the site doesn’t say how quickly you’ll get paid for your gift card sale, it does say they’ll process your payment at the earliest possible time.

12. Gift Card Bin

Gift Card Bin will also buy your gift cards from you, but like some of the other sites listed here, they’ll only buy actual physical gift cards and they won’t buy e-gift cards.

The process is simple – you simply enter your gift card details to get a buyout quote. After you accept their offer, they’ll send you an email with your transaction number and shipping instructions.

When your gift card arrives at their office, they’ll verify it’s a legit card and then send you payment details. Payments for gift cards are processed via PayPal.

Also, when I checked what they were paying for Amazon cards at this time, the payout was lower than many of the other sites I checked. That may not be the case when you go to sell yours, so I’d suggest checking the site just to be sure.

Note: Gift Card Bin has a minimum gift card balance acceptance of $10 and a maximum balance acceptance of $300.

Other Ways to Sell Your Amazon Gift Card

If none of the above mentioned options for selling your gift card appeal to you, you do have some other choices. Here are two ways you may be able to get cash for your Amazon or other gift card and do so quickly.

13. Sell to Family and Friends

I talked a little bit about this in the Facebook section, but you always have the option of sending out a group email or text to family or friends and asking them if they’d like to buy your Amazon gift card.

Most everyone does at least some shopping through Amazon, and most everyone likes to get a deal.

I used this method a few years ago for selling a gift card from a local department store. I’d received the card as a gift, but it was from a department store I never shopped at. I decided to send a text to a bunch of family and friends telling them I had a $30 gift card I would sell to them for only $25.

You can bet your bottom dollar the card was snatched up in a matter of minutes. My mom’s friend was SO excited to get a $5 savings for shopping at her favorite store!!  Cash in hand for me, good deal for her.

With a gift card for a store like Amazon, you’ll likely have a much broader potential selling pool than I did too, and so I would expect the card would go quickly.

14. Use Your Gift Card For Necessities or Gifts and Pay Yourself in Cash

Another option for getting cash for your gift card is to use it to buy things you’d normally buy at Amazon and then take the cash from your checking account for yourself.

Here’s how it works. You go to Amazon and shop for things you’re going to buy anyway. Maybe it’s a toiletry item such as shampoo, toilet paper, cat food or maybe it’s even a gift you have to buy for an upcoming birthday.

With thousands of items to buy on Amazon there’s certain to be something there you would have bought anyway at a different store.

If it’s an item you would have spent the cash on anyway, just pay for it with the gift card, withdraw your cash from your bank account and do with your cash bounty what you will. Win win!!

Other Tips for Selling Your Amazon Gift Card

So, here are some more things you may want to consider before you sell your Amazon gift card.

Check Multiple Sites at Once

First, I’d always suggest checking multiple sites to research the different offers you’ll get.

Second, I’d consider selling the card directly to a family member or friend. If you can do so in a way that will get you as much or more than selling to one of the sites listed above you’ll potentially get three benefits:

  • Sell your card locally and quickly
  • Get more money for the card
  • Do a favor for a loved one

By working to sell your gift card to someone in your life that you know loves shopping at Amazon, you grant them additional savings on Amazon’s already-low prices.

Don’t Overwork Yourself

Also, when choosing a selling route, consider the work involved for you. If you have the time and patience to choose a selling option that might take more time and work for you, but will gain you more money in the end, by all means go for it.

On the other hand, if you just want some cash as quick as possible for the card, you might want to go with one of the sites that will buy your card directly and immediately.

When making decisions such as these, I always try and figure out a projected hourly wage for the time I put in to do the work.

For instance, let’s say your mom comes over and offers to take the gift card off of your hands right now. She offers to pay you $20 for your $25 Amazon gift card.

If selling that same $25 gift card on eBay is going to take you 20 minutes to package up the card and send it to the post office, and you get $24 for a $25 Amazon card, you have just made an additional $3 for that time, which equates to $9 an hour.

Is It Going to Be Worth It?

However, you also have to take into account how much you’ll spend on gas to get to the post office. If you drive by the post office every day on your way to work you’ll technically spend nothing on gas to mail the gift card.

But, if you have to make a separate trip that’s going to cost you $5 in gas, your net profit by selling on eBay is less than it would be if you sold the gift card to your mom.

I know the process to figure out your profit sounds like it can be a bit complicated, but once you get it down it makes it easier to determine the selling price – and the selling route – for items you want to sell; the one that will gain you the most profit.

And more profit means more money in the bank for paying off debt, saving for a vacation or reaching other financial goals.

Have you ever sold an Amazon or other gift card? If so, how did you sell it and what was your experience? Tell us….was it worth the effort?



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  • I like how you suggested selling a gift card for cash directly to family or friends. I recently received a gift card that is for a place that doesn’t sell vegan dishes and I want to sell it. Thanks for the tips on how to sell gift cards for cash.


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