Freelance Writing: The Ideal Side Hustle for Anyone

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Today’s post is from one of my favorite people in the personal finance writing space – Holly Johnson from Club Thrifty. Holly is an award winning freelance writer and has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Kiplinger, The Simple Dollar, and the Huffington Post. Since starting as a freelance writer and blogger on her own site, Holly and her husband Greg have been able to quit their 9-5 jobs and travel all over the world.  I asked them to come on as a guest to share their story about how their favorite side hustle completely changed their lives and how it’s possible for you as well. Take it away Holly!

I see dead people.

Or, rather, I did.

Although my old career is a distant memory now, I worked as the Director of Family Services at a local mortuary for seven years of my life. I liked my job a lot, but it was stressful and time-consuming. Worse, my annual salary barely reached $40,000 per year.

Working in a 24/7 business isn’t for the faint of heart; I worked ridiculously long hours plus holidays, nights, and weekends. When we had a work-related event, I wouldn’t see my kids for a day or more. At a certain point, I started to wonder if working was even worth it. I mean, I was bringing in an income for sure, but I was giving up so much.

This is why I started ramping up my freelance income on the side. As the years ticked by, I started burning out and losing motivation at my full-time job. Not to mention, I had no chance to boost my income outside of getting a small annual raise.

After some long conversations with my husband, I decided to embrace something that I have always been good at – writing. That’s how our website, Club Thrifty, was born. While not the most romantic conception story ever, starting a website seemed like the best way to pursue my passion and find paid work.

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freelance writingIs Freelancing the Perfect Side Hustle?

You’re probably wondering why the heck I gave up a stable job – with benefits – for the unpredictability of freelance writing. Couldn’t I have just found a different, better-paying position?

The answer is yes. The thing is, I knew I was capable of great things and wanted to realize my potential. Plus, I was incredibly “over” the idea of working for someone else. I was sick and tired of giving up the best years of my life only to get a 3 percent raise every year.

Fortunately, I made a smart decision for my family’s future. Although it isn’t always easy, freelancing is easily the most lucrative and fulfilling job I have ever had. As a freelancer, I’m able to earn well over six figures without even working full-time. Because we’re both self-employed with writing and our website, we can take around ten vacations per year. Best of all, I get to work in my pajamas and spend quality time with my kids every day. Plus, I never have to work through school breaks or holiday weekends anymore.

This is partly because there is so much opportunity in online content creation, but also because I have worked so hard. Over time, I have grown my writing career to the point where I’m creating content for top publications like The Simple Dollar, U.S. News and World Report Travel, Lending Tree, Frugal Travel Guy, and others.


4 Reasons Freelance Writing is the Perfect Side Hustle

Earning 5 – 6X my old income and never getting dressed aren’t the only benefits of freelancing from my home. If you’re considering a career as an online content creator or writer, here are some other benefits you can look forward to:

#1: You can choose your own schedule.

When you’re a self-employed freelancer, you are able to choose how much work you take on. If you’re like me, that still means you work a lot because you want to earn a lot of money. But, if you’re a different type of personality, that could mean working part-time for full-time pay.

The fact you get to decide makes freelancing the perfect side hustle. Think about it. What other kind of job allows you to work at any time, and at any place? There are very few, and most don’t pay nearly as much as professional writing does.


#2: Start-up costs are minimal.

Got access to a computer and the internet? That’s great, because that’s all you need to become a freelance writer. Even if you decide to start your own blog (which is a great way to get your name out there), you can still get the ball rolling for less than $100. That’s why freelancing really is the best job for the thrifty, the poor, and the indecisive. If for some reason you just don’t dig freelancing as a part-time or full-time gig, you won’t suffer a financial loss.


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#3: You can write about anything.

Since the invention of the internet, professional blogs and businesses have been covering every topic you can think of. So, even though I write about travel, credit card rewards, and saving money, there is a world of opportunity within every niche. No matter what your hobby, professional background, or passion is, there are dozens of websites who will hire you to create interesting and innovative content.


#4: You can spend more time with your family.

When I worked at the funeral home, I did so to support my family and give my two children – now ages 5 and 7 – a great life. The ironic part is, that the job took away far too much time from the people I love.

Now that I work for myself, I can easily plan around their needs. Not to mention, the many vacations we have taken together have created some pretty epic memories. As corny as it sounds, we all wish we could spend more time with the ones we love. When you’re a content creator who works from home, you’ll never regret how you spend your time since you get to choose.


Learn About

If you’re intrigued by the idea of writing part-time or full-time, have epic writing skills already, or simply want to learn more, I’m here to help. After years of writing professionally on the web, I finally created a course to offer an insider’s look at everything I’ve learned.

My course, which can be found at, is now considered the premier writing course on the web. Through nine video modules a tons of professionally-created resources, I will teach you everything you need to know about creating lucrative content, building your portfolio, and finding jobs that pay.

Don’t let life pass you by, especially if you’re a talented writer who deserves a better life. With the right skillset, some practice, and a positive attitude, anyone can break into online freelancing and earn the money they deserve.

Earn More Writing


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