5 Ways to Save on Your Next Night Out

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A hectic and busy life has become normal for a lot of people. I know it seems to be that way for me, anyway and every time I ask someone “How are you?” they always seem to respond with “Busy!”.

I don’t get the chance to stop and take a break from everything with a night out as often as I would like to. And when I do get a chance to go out, I have to be careful not to be tempted to spend overspend.

Especially because of how rare a night out is, it’s easy to go overboard with spending. But it’s important to keep your budget in mind so you don’t cause yourself to have a financial setback.

Here are 5 ways I’ve used to help me save on a night out.


1. Eat and Drink Before You Go Out

Prepare some snacks ahead of time and munch on them before you go out. Drink a glass of water and fix yourself a mixed drink or grab a beer. The water is good for you, fills you up, and helps flush the toxins of alcohol from your body. By drinking a beer or mixed drink before going out, you won’t be able to spend as much on food and drinks once you get to wherever you are going.


save money on date night2. Bring Cash

Don’t take your debit card with you when you go out, and you shouldn’t even take a credit card either. It’s too easy to just pull out your card and swipe it. The next morning you might have a very expensive wake-up call when you check your account balance.

Instead, take cash. Avoid taking too much extra cash, though, because it will tempt you to continue to spend. You can also avoid the exorbitant fees clubs charge for use of their ATM machines by withdrawing cash earlier in the day from your own bank’s ATM.

If you must take a card, get a prepaid card. If you lose it, at least you can be thankful you didn’t lose your debit card and give the finder access to completely drain hundreds or even thousands from your accounts.


3. Don’t Drink While You Are Out

If you are going to a restaurant to meet up with friends, don’t order any drinks with your dinner. Alcohol is usually more than twice the price of what it would cost you for having the exact same drink at home. Whenever possible, order the special because it’s usually less expensive than other items on the menu, or get an appetizer during happy hour. If you really want an entree, try to see if another friend might want to split a meal with you.

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4. If You Drink, Do it Wisely

When you feel you must order drinks or you are going to a club, alternate with water to save money and avoid feeling quite so yucky the next morning. Order pitchers instead of individual drinks when possible and split the cost with friends. Pitchers are cheaper per oz than ordering individual drinks.


5. Share Transportation Costs

Having a designated driver is the best and least expensive choice for getting to and from a night out. But, if nobody wants to sit it out, share the expense of a cab or Uber to save some money.

Having a night out is a welcome break from life’s routine. Using these 5 ways to save on a night out can help you avoid having spending regrets, and possibly even a hangover, the next morning.

Can you think of some other ways to save on a night out?



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-Chris Peach


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