The Sneaky Tips and Tricks to Get Free Food Using These Apps

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If you’re anything like me you like getting free stuff. I mean, I’m guessing that’s part of the reason you read Money Peach. We’re always researching and sharing the latest money hacks about how you can get free stuff, like free Amazon gift cards, free internet, free cable, freebies on your birthday and even free laptops.

I didn’t know this until recently, but there are also some restaurants out there that have free food apps. I love eating out – probably because at home I’m the primary cook for four kids.

But getting restaurant food for free? That is a serious bonus in my opinion because not only can I occasionally get a break from cooking – I can do so for free!

Here’s the scoop on the free food apps and what they have to offer.

Free Ice Cream

I scream, you scream……. I think we’d all scream for an opportunity to get free ice cream. If you download these apps you can get free ice cream. You in?

1. Marble Slab Creamery and Maggie Moo’s

If you’ve never been to a Marble Slab Creamery or Maggie Moo’s, you’re missing out. Real ice cream in a variety of flavors, custom mixed with add-ins while you watch.

It’s kind of like the elite version of the Blizzard. And if you download the Slab Happy Rewards app, you’ll get a free ice cream just for signing up. On top of that, you’ll get other benefits such as:

  • You’ll earn one point for every dollar you spend
  • Once you reach fifty points you’ll get a $5 off reward
  • You’ll get $5 off rewards on your birthday and on your Slab Happy anniversary

The Slab Happy Rewards app is available in both Apple and Android.

2. Baskin Robbins

Ahh, Baskin Robbins: the home of oodles of different ice cream flavors. And you can also get one regular scoop for free when you download the Baskin Robbins app.

What else do you get when you download their app?

  • Deals and coupons on Baskin Robbins products
  • An easy way to pay for your Baskin Robbins purchase
  • The ability to send a mobile gift card to friends and loved ones
  • First dibs on newly arriving flavors, etc.

And more. The Baskin Robbins app is free and available in both Apple and Android.

3. TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt)

TCBY specializes in delicious frozen yogurt treats. And not just regular yogurt: flavored yogurt, yogurt with mix-ins such as pecans and honey, etc. It’s like what the really great ice cream shops do, only with a tinge of healthy added in.

When you download the TCBY app, you’ll get a free yogurt treat, and you’ll get some other benefits as well such as purchase rewards ($3 for every $30 you spend at TCBY), and a $3 reward when you refer friends who sign up for the TCBY app as well.

They even offer additional bonuses for Silver and Gold members. The TCBY app is available in both Android and Apple (currently only available for iOS devices).

4. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse has locations in several states across the U.S. They offer your typical bar and grill venue with lots of great-looking sandwiches, pastas, pizzas and appetizers on the menu.

As I perused the menu it also appears they have a nice selection of specialty brews available as well, for adult beverage consumers.

When you download their app, you get a free BJ’s mini pizookie, which is a cookie/ice cream dessert. The app has other benefits too, such as qualifying you for a shorter wait time for seating, allowing you to order ahead, and the added benefit of receiving in-app special offers.

The BJ’s app is available in Android and Apple.

5. Sonic

Sonic gives out free medium slushies to those who download the free Sonic app. Although a slushie isn’t technically ice cream, it’s still a delicious frozen treat – besides; I couldn’t find anywhere else where it fit better in the list. 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, Sonic is a popular fast food joint with burgers, fries, etc. They have over 3,500 locations in 45 states in the U.S.

Aside from getting you a free slushie, the Sonic app also allows you to pay for your order with your phone, send Sonic gift cards to family and friends, and earn rewards on purchases.

You can get the app in either Android or Apple.

Free Donuts, Pastries or Beverages

6. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is likely the country’s most famous donut shop. When you download their app and join their rewards program, you’ll get a free original glazed donut. Other benefits of the app include earning points for free donuts and drinks, getting exclusive offers and benefits and getting a free donut on your birthday.

Along with your typical donut, Krispy Kreme has some really fun donut creations such as their Oreo Cookies and Kreme donut and the Chips Ahoy Cookie donut. And they’ve got locations all over the U.S. and some in Canada as well.

The Krispy Kreme app is available in both Android and Apple.

7. Panera

Panera is a great place to go for deli style foods such as soups, sandwiches and salads, and they’ve got an awesome pastry selection as well. When you download their app you’ll get a free pastry, along with some other awesome benefits.

The MyPanera app allows you to earn rewards points for your purchases, get personalized rewards based on the types of foods you buy, and lets you place online orders super fast.

Panera’s app is offered in both Android and Apple, and they have locations available in several states throughout the U.S.

8. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts – another famous donut shop – will give you a free beverage when you download their app and enroll in their DD Perks rewards program.

The program will also give you a free beverage every time you earn 200 points or get a friend to sign up for the program. With the Dunkin Donuts app you get a variety of other benefits too.

  • On-the-go mobile ordering that allows you to speed past the in-store line
  • The ability to pay with the app
  • The convenience of buying a Dunkin Donuts gift card and sending it ASAP to loved ones
  • Use of their convenient location finder

If you’re a Dunkin Donuts fan this could be a great app for you. Available in both Android and Apple.

9. Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is one of the few smoothie chains that makes many of their smoothies with all natural ingredients. I love buying smoothies there because I know I have the option of buying drinks with real fruit and real fruit juice.

When you download the Jamba Juice app and become a Jamba Insider you’ll get $3 off of your next order. While $3 won’t get you a totally free smoothie, it will be enough to get you a free pastry.

The Jamba Juice app allows you to order ahead and skip the line, and lets you earn points toward discounts off of purchases. Available in Android and Apple.

10. 7-Eleven

7-Eleven has convenience stores all over the United States, including in West Coast states such as California, Washington and Utah, Southern states such as Texas and Florida, and East Coast states such as New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

There are also some stores located in Midwestern states such as Illinois and Michigan. The 7-Eleven app entitles you to 7Rewards. 7Rewards earns you points on all of your 7-Eleven purchases.

Those points can then be redeemed for free food items such as Big Gulps, coffees, pastries and more. Plus, every 7th cup is free. Just scan your member barcode at checkout to earn points.

This app is available in both Android and Apple.

Free Appetizers

These apps allow you to get a free appetizer when you download them and/or become a rewards member.

11. TGIFridays

TGIFridays has an app and a rewards system with several benefits. First, you’ll receive a coupon for a free appetizer when you sign up for the app. Rewards members also get free chips and salsa with every TGIFridays meal.

The app will allow you to order food for pickup, pay at your table with your mobile device and earn points toward free foods and/or drinks. You can also use the app to find restaurant locations near you and to browse the menu.

You can get the TGIFridays app in both Android and Apple (iOS devices only at this writing).

12. Chili’s

Chili’s will also give you a free chips and salsa order every time you visit when you download the app and sign up for their rewards program. If you choose just the app without the rewards program, you’ll still get one free order of chips and salsa.

Other benefits of the Chili’s app include the ability to add your name to the wait list in advance, ordering in advance and faster checkout, and the ability to preserve previous orders to speed up ordering in the future.

The Chili’s app is available in both Android and Apple (iOS devices only at this time).

Free Lunch or Dinner Items

These restaurants will give you free food items when you download their apps and/or sign up for their rewards programs. Lots of choices here.

13. Domino’s Pizza

The Domino’s Pizza app allows you to earn points through their rewards system that will gain you a free medium two-topping pizza after you spend at least $10 in orders six different times.

Other benefits of the Domino’s Pizza app include the Easy Order system which allows you to order your pizzas even faster and pay with your phone.

You can pay with the app too, as well as track your order.

Also, the app allows you to utilize their voice ordering assistant to add items to your cart and to check out. Available on Android and on Apple for iOS devices.

14. California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen serves speciality pizzas in locations around the United States. They also offer a variety of salads, appetizers and desserts, along with a kids menu for younger diners.

When you sign up for their app and their Pizza Dough Rewards, you’ll get a free small plate at participating locations.

Other benefits of the app include enhanced online takeout ordering and the ability to pay with your mobile device. You’ll also get $5 in rewards dollars for every dollar spent, and a free dessert during your birthday month with the rewards program/app combo.

The app is available in Apple (for iOS devices only) and in Android.

15. Auntie Anne’s

Have you ever eaten an Auntie Anne’s Pretzels? They serve delicious soft pretzels in a variety of flavors such as Cinnamon and Sugar, Pepperoni, and Garlic and Onion.

When you download their app and sign up for their rewards program, you’ll get a free pretzel after your first purchase, a free pretzel for your birthday and earn points toward more free pretzels.

You could also receive bonus rewards points and special offers at any given time, just for no reason other than that you’re a valued rewards member.

Auntie Anne’s has locations placed throughout the United States. Their app is available on both Android and Apple devices.

16. Burger King

The Burger King app will give you a coupon for a free Whopper with the purchase of another Whopper once you download. With locations available throughout the U.S. (and other places in the world) this should be an easy freebie to take advantage of.

Other benefits include rotating coupon offers that refresh regularly, a mobile pay option and a location finder. You’ll also get $30 in coupons for discounts off of various menu items when you download the app.

Bonus (or not bonus): You’ve got easy access to the Burger King nutritional info chart from the app as well. Available in both Android and Apple.

17. Chronic Tacos

Chronic Tacos has locations throughout the U.S. in states including Washington, North Carolina, Nevada, Florida, Arizona, with the majority of their stores being located in California.

When you sign up to get their app and join their rewards program, you’ll get 50 points points as soon as verify your account. The 50 points is exactly what you need to get a free taco.

The rewards program can get you lots of free stuff, including a free t-shirt or hoodie and money off of your next order. App members also get first dibs on the latest promotions and news from Chronic Tacos.

Available in Android and in Apple.

18. McDonald’s

The McDonald’s app comes with several benefits for users. One great benefits is free food: A free medium McCafe with any $1 purchase made through the app, or free medium fries on Fridays with any purchase made through the app.

There are other discounts and deals available through the app as well, but note that the deals are subject to change.

Other benefits of the Denny’s app include the ability to order, pay and pick up through the app, or you could choose the option to have your meal in the store instead. Using the McDonald’s app will make your visit faster and easier.

Available in both Android and Apple.

19. Wendy’s

The Wendy’s restaurant app gives you several benefits. The free food benefit entails giving you buy one, get one free offers that will show up on your app right away.

You can also find restaurant location information through the app, get nutritional info, and in participating locations you can place a mobile order online and pay for the order as well.

Bonus: Wendy’s has a foundation called the Dave Thomas Adoption Foundation that helps kids waiting to be adopted find permanent homes.

With the Wendy’s app, you can easily make donations to the foundation, right from your phone.

Available in both Android and Apple.

20. Quizno’s

If you’re a sub fan, you can download the Quizno’s loyalty app and get a free small sub or gyro flatbread with your very next purchase at Quizno’s.

If you haven’t been to a Quizno’s, you’ might find it worth the trip: they toast their subs instead of serving them on regular fresh bread, and I can tell you that adds an extra special flavor benefit to their already-great sandwiches.

Quizno’s serves salads, soups and grilled flatbreads as well. You can also place orders with the app, find store locations near you, and the loyalty program will help you earn points towards even more free food.

The app is available in Android as well as Apple.

21. Chick-Fil-A

With the Chick-Fil-A app you will earn points towards free food at participating Chick-Fil-A restaurants. Chick-Fil-A specializes in chicken-based items such as chicken sandwiches and salads.

Besides helping you earn free food, the app will help you order online so you can bypass the line and get your food right away, customize your menu to feature what you order the most, and find locations near you.

Bonus: Chick-Fil-A also has what’s called a Cow Calendar: it’s a calendar (featuring cows) that gives you access to one free food item each month. More free food!

Available in Android and Apple.

22. Whataburger

The Whataburger app helps you earn free food based on your visits; every fifth visit will get you a free food item.

Whataburger has locations primarily in the Southwest, and their menu features burgers, chicken sandwiches and a host of other goodies, including breakfast items.

Their app will also allow you to pay with your phone, to find locations near you and to browse the menu.

Available in both Android and Apple.

23. Ampm

Ampm convenience stores are located primarily in the Southwestern states of the U.S. The am/pm app gives you scratchers that can be used to win free food such as hot dogs, hamburgers and more.

You can also win other prizes such as gift cards for the store or free gas for your vehicle. This app is available in Android and in Apple.

There you have it, 23 free food apps to satisfy nearly all kinds of food cravings. Along with the stores and restaurants mentioned here, there are dozens of other restaurants that will give you free food on your birthday or in your anniversary month of signing up for their rewards programs.

For instance, we belong to the Blizzard of the Month Club at Dairy Queen. Every month we get emails from Dairy Queen about what flavor the Blizzard of the Month is, and occasionally we’ll get a coupon for a buy one, get one free Blizzard.

And we’ll often combine that deal with $1 off Blizzard coupons we find in local mail circulars. There are tons of ways to save money on food if you’re willing to look for them. That might mean getting free food with the apps above, or simply learning how to shop smarter.

If you want more ways to get free food from your favorite dining establishments, there are ways to make that happen. I suggest checking with your favorite restaurants near you for more information on apps or rewards programs that can get you free food or discounts off of food purchase.

In fact, we have a house rule that on the rare occasions we go out to eat, we never pay full price for our meal. We either use an app to get free food, a coupon for the restaurant we’re at or we go when they’re having happy hour or other specials.

When we combine these money-saving free food tricks, we spend a whole lot less on eating out. We try and follow the same rules with grocery purchases by knowing where the cheapest prices are (Hint: Aldi and Walmart are tops), using coupons and taking advantage of sales.

Once you have an arsenal of money-saving tips in your wallet, it’ll become almost automatic to know how to get food and everything else you buy for less.

Have you ever tried any of these free food apps for yourself? How else do you save money on food and other items? Share your tips in the comments section and help the next reader out!



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