Episode 94: Cash Flowing College WITHOUT Student Loans with Jordan Hall

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My Guest on the Show…


Over 70% of students will leave college with over $32,000 in student loan debt.

This means roughly one in seven people you know in the United States has a student loan and the total student loan debt is now over $44 million as a country.

This sucks.

But what if there was someone out there promising you can attend a good school, get your degree, and walk away without a penny in student loan debt?

Meet Jordan Hall.

Jordan is my guest on the show today to explain just how to do it. Jordan is a lawyer who defied the odds and graduated debt free while most people in his profession will leave with more than $140k in student loans.

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Show Notes

You don’t have to go into debt to get a degree [2:16]

Jordan’s wake up call to live debt free [3:30]

Mowing over 5,000 lawns to pay for school [5:38]

Jordan’s message for parents [6:16]

Tuition inflation [7:00]

Peach’s analogy [8:48]

How long it takes to pay back student loans on average [10:52]

How to cash flow college expenses [11:30]

Investing in yourself by cash flowing college [14:33]

Deciding to go to school without loans [21:07]

Students who work also earn better grades [33:30]

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