Episode 101: Financial Planning for the Thousand-aires with Chris Hutchins

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Financial planning shouldn’t just be for the uber wealthy.

Chris Hutchins is coming on the show to talk about the problem we are beginning to face when it comes to getting professional financial planning advice: the cost.

A financial plan takes time to complete and that time costs $2,500 on average…and all that gets you is a one-time plan.

In addition, our lives have changed over the past few decades and fewer people are working a 30-year career, retiring with a pension, and then living happily ever after.

Instead, what you see today is a constant move in careers, changes in life plans, moving all over the country/world, and countless other changes that are much different than what was once the norm.

And each time you make a life change, is it fair to have to spend $2,500 to adjust your plan with a financial planner?

Heck no!

Basically there are three different ways to get professional financial wealth building advice:

  1. Meeting with a financial advisor (Expensive and individualized)
  2. 100% robo-advisor (Cheap and cookie-cutter)
  3. Hybrid approach (A mixture of both)

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Show Notes

Chris’ entrepreneurial journey [1:12]

What is Grove? [2:12]

What is an entrepreneur? [7:22]

His time at Google Ventures [14:38]

Getting two job offers [16:24]

Most advisors don’t understand most people [20:11]

Technology to the rescue [25:51]

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