Episode 061: Live Like You Were Dying with Andy Ptacek

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My Guest on the Show…

“Inoperable brain cancer”.

These were the words spoken by the team of doctors who met with Andy and her family to share with her the devastating news of what was causing her extreme and sudden headaches.

The dark area is the part of the brain removed from Andy’s skull.

Andy Ptacek; wife, daughter, friend, and mother of two small boys would now be facing the greatest challenge any of us could ever imagine – defeating brain cancer.



The Backstory:

Andy and her husband were featured on the Money Peach Blog in the very early days when the blog was first started. They had an amazing success story of paying off $75k of debt in only 7 months.

A year after paying down their debt, they would soon face an even greater challenge: an inoperable tumor found on the outside of Andy’s brain.


The good news: After multiple attempts to have Andy to share her NEW success story, she finally gave in and agreed to the interview. She knew this would be a tough conversation and asked her husband Bruce to sit in with us during our conversation (you will notice him pop in the background of the interview).

During our conversation, Andy shares her view on what really matters most in life when you stare into the eyes of what she perceived as her own mortality.

  • What did Andy promise herself when she was diagnosed?
  • How did she find the strength and motivation to stay positive through it all?
  • What happened that caused her to almost give up?
  • What did she do just 1 year after brain surgery? (This will absolutely shock you!)


Two years post brain surgery

Note: Many of you may be asking why I would interview Andy’s story of survival on the Money Peach Podcast. This is a fair enough question and you will understand why in the end.

Hint: Money touches every aspect of your life. Even the parts you never think about…like inoperable brain cancer.

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Show Notes

Andy’s life was very normal starting out [3:58]

Her first headache [9:05]

The news… [13:00]

Living like you’re dying [19:58]

The Brain Surgery [29:00]

Crossfit a week after brain surgery? [32:40]

The major unexpected setback [34:27]

The good news [41:50]


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