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7 Ways to Cut Down on the Costs of Moving

Whether you’re moving because you want to or you’re moving because you don’t have any other option, you can still choose to save a little money when the dreaded moving day arrives. Here are 7 ways to make sure you’re not overspending during what is usually and over-stressful moment in your life….Moving Day. 1. DIY […]

5 Must Know Tips for Coping with a Job Loss

Getting laid off from your job is a situation none of us wants to face, but there are strategies you can put into practice to help you get through it until you find work again. Below, is a step-by-step plan that will help you cut your budget to stay afloat after a job layoff. Step 1. […]

6 Savvy Ways to Trim Your Cell Phone Costs

Everywhere you look these days you see someone with a cell phone in their hand, texting, watching a video, or talking to someone. Almost everyone has one, and many people have smartphones with multiple features, which can drive up the cost of your monthly bill in a hurry. But there are ways to save on […]

What is the Best Method for Paying Off Debt?

Okay, so you clicked to this post because you are curious about getting out of debt. You have read about the different methods and you want to know which one is better: The Debt Snowball vs the Debt Avalanche. Which one is truly the best? Here is a quick review of each and then you can decide […]

Create a Utility Bill that Doesn’t Suck

Chris Peach: I now know why my Dad had an obsession with turning off lights, closing doors, and unplugging random appliances in our house – Utility Bills Suck! They’re expensive and they take up a large chunk of our monthly budget. I can still remember going to the mailbox when I was a kid (it […]