6 Savvy Ways to Trim Your Cell Phone Costs

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Everywhere you look these days you see someone with a cell phone in their hand, texting, watching a video, or talking to someone. Almost everyone has one, and many people have smartphones with multiple features, which can drive up the cost of your monthly bill in a hurry. But there are ways to save on your cell phone bill. Here are 6 savvy <—- (I love that word) ways you can trim your cell phone bill so you can start doing better things with your money.

1. Track Your Usage

The first thing you should do is track your data usage. If your phone does not already do this in your settings, there are apps for this. Find out how much data you are using and if you are going over on your current plan. If you are going over, you could be incurring extra costs each month, which should also be reflected on your bill. Maybe you can cut back on your data usage by connecting your phone to the WiFi at your home or office. If not, check with your service provider to see if you can raise the usage on your plan.

On the flip side, you may be using way less than what you are paying for. This was the case for me. Once I quit my job to work from home, my data usage went way down because my cell phone is connected to the WiFi in my home and thus I don’t use much data to run apps. I was able to save $20/month by lowering my data package.


Best App for Tracking iPhone/Android Usage



If you’re looking for a easy-to-use FREE app for managing your data, try MyDataManager. The app allows you to customize the settings to fit your data usage, manage your daily usage, and keeps you up to date on where you are at in real time for your monthly usage. It’s the same Data Manager our family currently uses, which is why I recommend it to you.


My Data Manager App



2. No Contract

If you are going over on your data usage each month, would it be cheaper to get out of the plan and pay any costs incurred so you can switch plans or do away with a contract altogether? It might take a little time to run some numbers, but it could also be worth your time and effort to check.

When my cell phone contract expired a few months ago, I was able to get a newer cell phone and save money. I lowered my data package, but I also decided to pay full-price for my phone instead of having a two year contract. When I penciled it out, it was much cheaper to go this route instead of having a contract and paying an “equipment fee” on my cell phone each month. However, to do this you will need to have several hundred dollars at your disposal to pay for your cell phone up-front.


Buy and Sell Your Used Cell Phones


cut back on cell phone bill


The best place to buy and sell your used cell phones without having to worry about fraud, shady deals, and broken phones, is to use a place I trust: Swappa. They take care of the risk for you by becoming the team member between you and the seller. All transactions go through PayPal with a strict refund policy: Get what was delivered or get a refund. Period.

Try Swappa



3. Check Out Promotions

Check with your carrier to see if they have any promotions you can take advantage of. If you are in a contract, sometimes you can still take advantage of them. It can’t hurt to ask, and you could save some money each month.

You should also look at promotions offered by competitors. Once in awhile they offer promotions to buy out your contract if you switch carriers which is a good one to take advantage of if you aren’t happy with your current service provider or if you can get a cheaper plan by switching.

4. Negotiate a Lower Rate

Many times a provider would rather lower your rate than lose you as a customer. Before you cancel your contract and switch to a new provider, let your current cell phone company know the bill is just too high. If you are kind and honest with the customer service representative, they will be more willing to work with you to help you lower your bill.

5. Roaming

If you do a lot of traveling for your job, or if you know you will be going on vacation, check on roaming charges with your service provider before your trip. If you are roaming frequently, you might even need to change providers to avoid incurring these costs on a regular basis. Some carriers simply don’t have the coverage in certain areas of the country and you don’t want these high costs adding onto your bill each month if you can avoid it.

6. Check Out “Alternative” Cell Phone Companies

In the last few years some new cell phone companies have popped up that operate on a different type of business plan than the “big” cell phone companies. Service providers like Cricket and Republic Wireless offer much lower rates and plans if you live in an area where they provide service. Unfortunately for me, they are not available in my rural area otherwise I’d definitely be giving them a try to save on my cell phone bill.

Yes, nearly everyone has a cell phone these days, which means everyone has a cell phone bill as well. But with a little work you can customize your plan, phone and provider to fit your needs and save some money in the process.

Can you think of any other ways to save on your cell phone bill?

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  • I still can’t understand why people go with companies and contracts and limits?! After getting burned by a big company just so I could have an iPhone, I cancelled, took the penalty hit and went phoneless for almost two years. Then gave up and bought $50 Samsung phones from metro pcs. It is $50/mo for two totally unlimited lines a month! No data restrictions etc. No extra fees, taxes etc. Just $50/mo for both period! Unlimited everything! Why pay more?

    • Hey Dawn, I’m so glad you were able to find a way around those pesky contracts and limits. Unfortunately that type of arrangement isn’t available everywhere. For example, in my rural area there’s literally no other way to have a phone with service other than to go with one of the large cell phone service providers. I wish there were other options, but they just aren’t available where I live. 🙁

  • Like you, I’m stuck with either AT&T or Verizon because of living in a semi-rural area. Otherwise I would be seriously tempted at going with a 3rd party company.

    We are building a house & we are looking to transfer our cell phones over to the new internet provider (AT&T) to see if we can get an additional discount when we move in.

    • That’s a great idea! I’m glad you are looking into it so you can possibly save more money. I wish I could go with a different type of company, but it’s just not available here.

  • We use Ting and I’m pretty happy with it. Our normal bills are around $35, and that’s for what feels like “unlimited” use. I can’t really complain!

  • Data is the killer on all cell phone bills; limit your usage by connecting to WiFi whenever possible. Delete unused apps or at least remove apps from your home page…out of sight, out of mind means less data used. Downgrade to a no frills plan with voice, text and limited high speed data. I know that T-Mobile offers unlimited data (slower speed once you’ve used up your high speed data, but at least you’ll never be shut down) – they also let you stream music without counting against your data, and now you can watch video on most major sites without using your high speed data as well. This is actually making our decisions to “cut the cord” that much easier, which is going to save us about $80/mo.

    Also, as you pointed out, pay for your device up front! Much cheaper in the long run, especially if you keep your phone for more than 2 years (I’m still rockin my Note 3 almost three years later). And you can ALWAYS buy last year’s phones for cheap prices on eBay and Amazon – no need to buy the latest and greatest.

    Finally, prepaid plans are fine if it’s just you on your account, but postpaid plans are definitely cheaper if you need multiple lines on your account.

    • Wow! I like it Ty 🙂 The biggest takeaway from your comment should be pay cash for your phone up front. It’s going to feel like you’re breaking the bank, but a cheap calculator will show that you’re saving money in the long run. And, you’re exactly right – you can always find last year’s model on eBay or Amazon for cheap.

      Thanks Ty!

    • All great tips! I’ve cut down on my data usage severely now that I work from home, where I have wi-fi. So last time my contract was up I downgraded my plan and it saved me about $35/month!


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