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All the Television You’ll Need for $28 a Month

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Tired of your cable or satellite bill slowly going up each year? Wondering if you really need 1,024,982 channels to choose from? Looking for an actual way to save money on television?

Well, your problem is solved! I have spent an incredible amount of time figuring out the best way to save money and still watch the channels I love watching! Here is a step-by-step guide to getting rid of your $120 cable/satellite bill once and for all.


The Absolute FREE Way to Watch TV



Getting an HD Antenna is a one time fee of $37 or less and you are on your way to watching a bunch of channels for FREE. That’s right ladies and gentleman, I just said FREE.

You will get all of your local channels and a few of the channels you didn’t realize were FREE too! The quality is truly High Definition and I promise you CANNOT tell the difference between an HD Antenna and HD Cable/Satellite. HD is HD.

The first thing you want to do before you purchase an HD Antenna is to determine if there are towers within reach of where you live AND whether you need and indoor or outdoor antenna.

Check Your Antena Range


Once you type in your address, it will show you where to point your antenna and how many miles away you are from the television towers. From my experience, if you are farther than 30 miles away I would recommend an outdoor antenna and if you are within 30 miles, you can get away with an indoor antenna.

The antennas are both close in price, however the outdoor antenna does require a little handy-man work to mount onto your house. You also may want to purchase the Mounting Bracket for HD Antenna which is a post that mounts to your house and holds your antenna up. **The one Amazon recommends doesn’t actually fit the antenna, so buy this one.

This what TV from and HD Antenna looks like

HD Antenna is really HD Quality


The Next Step Up

Netflix and Hulu each $7.99/month

Netflix and Hulu allow you to stream your favorite shows and movies to your television via an internet connection. If you have a SmartTV, chances are one or both of them are built into your television. If you don’t have a SmartTV, you’re still in good shape through streaming devices such as AppleTV, Roku, Playstation, and Xbox. Hulu is better for television shows – your favorite shows will often be on Hulu the next day whereas Netflix will give you the whole season after the season airs. Netflix is better for movies with over 100,000 movie titles to choose from. As far as kids, both Hulu and Netflix are loaded with tons of your kids’ favorite shows.

ESPN. No Cable. No Strings Attached. Try it Today. Sling TV.


Try SlingTV for FREE


Sling TV Review

Two years ago I tried Sling TV and I will NEVER turn back. Sling TV basically took our favorite cable channels we could not possibly live without and put them all in one place for $20/month. To watch SlingTV, you’ll need to stream them through devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire, Xbox One, or Nexus Player. However, if your TV is a newer Smart TV, chances are the SlingTV app is already built inside.

The Good

  • SlingTV offers a ton of channels for $20/month
  • Month-to-month and NO contracts
  • There are upgrades if you’re looking for more than the base package
  • There are saved shows for each channel (similar to a DVR)

The Bad

  • Only one device can stream at a time
  • If you have a poor internet connection, TV may freeze periodically


What Channels Do You Get?

Sling TV Review


Note: One great promotion to note is if you purchase 3 months up front ($60) of SlingTV subscription, they will include one of the following:

 • FREE Roku 2 Device (reg $69.99)

• 50% Roku 3 Device (reg $99.99)

• $50 off the New Amazon Fire TV (reg $99.99)


Watch Live Sports on Sling TV Free for 7 Days

The Breakdown

Average Cost of Cable: $120/month (Not Cool)

HD Antenna Only: $40 one time and $0/month

HD Antenna and Netflix OR Hulu: $40 one time and $7.99/month

HD Antenna and BOTH Netflix AND Hulu: $40 one time and $15.98/month

HD Antenna and Netflix OR Hulu AND SlingTV: $40 one time and $27.99/month

HD Antenna and Netflix AND Hulu AND SlingTV: $40 one time and $35.98/month


How many of your cable or satellite channels do you really watch? Is it worth the $120/month or can you do without?

I have met many people who are living paycheck to paycheck and stressing about money up to their eyeballs. When I look at their budget I notice they are sometimes paying $150 in cable! If we took them down to simply and HD Antenna, they just put $1,800 in their pocket each year.

Take a look at your cable bill and ask yourself if you are ready to save money on television? In a culture where the normal American watches 5 hours of television a day, 35 hours a week, and over 1,800 hours per year, it is safe to say no one is ready to get rid of their TVs just yet (we obviously weren’t either). However, wouldn’t it feel better to save thousands of dollars over the next few years and still watch your TV?


What Do I Personally Use?

The Peaches have an HD Digital Outdoor HDTV AntennaNetflix and SlingTV for $28/month.

We have more television that we could ever need or want. I get my ESPN, Andrea gets her Food Network and Travel Channel, and the Kids get their Disney shows. We watch the local news and all the best shows on FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC all for $28/month. Hey, I feel like we are living high on the hog….that’s because we are!


Lovin’ This Plan? I Bet Others Would Too!

I would be super thankful if you could pass this on ONLY IF YOU THINK IT IS GOOD  🙂 If you believe this post is going to be helpful to you or to anyone you know, be a pal and SHARE THIS to your social media with the buttons above.

I remember when we first started getting on a financial plan, we were overwhelmed and really didn’t know where to start. This may get the ball rolling for you or someone you know because you are actually doing something for the first time with your money. If you decided to share, thank-you! If not, no worries either   🙂

Lastly, I want you to know that I am an affiliate with Sling TV which means they pay me a small commission if you click on any of the Sling TV links on this page and sign up for service. It’s their way of telling me thank-you for referring them to you. If you are okay with this, great! However, if you’re not okay with this, then simply close out this browser and open in a new browser – I would rather you save money than not at all 🙂

Be good to yourself, your friends, your love, and BE GOOD TO YOUR MONEY!




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Chris Petrie

Chris (Peach) Petrie is a personal finance expert, money coach, speaker and podcaster.

In 2011, Chris and his family were exhausted from living paycheck-to-paycheck and facing a mountain of debt. They started going against the society standards of misbehaving with money and made the decision to take back control of their lives and money. Within seven months they paid off $52,000, started saving like crazy and began building real wealth.

The word spread fast and Chris started showing friends how to create a budget over dinner. Soon after he started showing their friends how to do the same and eventually Chris started teaching personal finance classes around the community. As the need for the classes grew, Chris launched Money Peach in 2015.

Money Peach was created to help everyday people remove the stress and fear of money by showing them how to save more, make more, and keep more of their money.

Chris Peach has been featured in places like Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and CheddarTV.

When Chris isn’t at “work” he can be found at the Crossfit gym or riding on the fire truck — Chris is also a full-time firefighter in Phoenix, Arizona.


  • Thanks Chris! This post couldn’t come at a better time. I was literally going to call Cox today and sign up for a “price lock” for my cable and internet bill. The soaring rates are just getting ridiculous!! Question tho, what do you and Andrea do about internet?? Who do you use? What’s the service and cost? Just curious to see if I could save some money there too. Thanks for your help! Love the blogs!! I read them every morning! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Katie for the nice words! We still use Cox for our internet at $62/month. This isn’t the top speed either – you don’t need it. We can stream two TVs at the same time – one w/ Netflix and the other with Sling and it works awesome. I’ve looked at a bunch of different was to trim the internet bill and when I figure it out, you can bet there will be a post about that too! Thanks for reading MP!

  • So your cable bill is $120. What do you use for internet? Looking at my Verizon bill, most of it is for Internet and Verizon indicated that, internet that isn’t bundled with cable tv might be more expensive. I’d love to get rid of cable, in fact I don’t really watch TV outside of football. Problem is, I have 5 other people that do watch.

    I see saving $40 from Verizon and spending $36 on Netflix/sling/hulu but still miss out on the on-demand products. Also, 80% of the shows are viewed via DVR and that will also be going way, need replacing.

    • Our cable + interent at one point was actually $220/month and we were able to get it down to $190. Now, we have Netflix, SlingTV, and an HD Antenna for $28/month and have interent for $62/month. When you read the average cable bill in America is $120/month, that was only referring to cable…not cable and interent. Also, you need to weigh out the cost verses benefit of cutting out cable. Would all 5 of you rather save $100/month or keep watching cable? There isn’t a right or wrong answer, just what works best for you! Good luck 🙂

  • Great blog today!! I have wondered about this info for a long time and today I just purchased my antenna because you gave me the step by step process on how to do this!

    So One more question…

    I have my cable and internet/wifi packaged. When I cancel my cable, I will still have $40ish per month in internet fees (cox cable). What do you recommend I do to decrease my internet bills? Is there a service out there that is cheap and affordable so I can stream my Netflix and use my laptop?

    Thank you!!

    • Kristen, when we cancelled our cable – the best internet we could get was $62/month, and that was for the middle tier speed (which works absolutely fine even streaming 2 TVs at the same time). I would love to figure out a way to cut back that Internet price too. If you or anyone else knows of a way, please please let me know! Thanks for reading MP!

  • Love this info and will gladly share. Love the transparency as well. I will use your link when we are ready to get Sling. I have to internet service again. I disconnected and just use my wi-fi on my cell phone for my tablet. Don’t suppose I could use that for Sling or HULU. Don’t laugh. I am severely technology challenged. Great article.

    • Hi Alisha! I am not 100% sure on using your personal hotspot for wifi. If you don’t have unlimited data, I could see that becoming expensive! Also, thanks for reading MP, for the nice words, and for using the referral link! Good luck and if you have any questions you wanted answered directly, ASK PEACH

  • Awesome!! We have been using an indoor HD antenna for years now and also have Hulu and Netflix on our SmartTV, but we have missed Disney, ESPN and HGTV!! So excited to hear about Sling and Roku!! Thanks again!

    • Hi Bianca! I have been using Sling for a few months because I wanted to make sure it was AWESOME before I shared it with everyone….and it’s beyond Awesome! You’ll love it. You should look at whether you need to keep Netflix and Hulu together. A lot of the same content is on both. Worth a shot to see if you can save a tiny bit of money right? Let me know how you like Sling!

  • Do you know if that basic cable gives you Fox Sports West…thats like the one channel that is keeping my husband from doing this. Its the only way he can watch his beloved Angels play and will not switch over unless he can watch them

    • What about the Tennis Channel on cable? Is that able to be streamed?

      • Jennifer,

        I am not familiar with the Tennis Channel, however I did just find out from one of our readers that MLB has a channel that can be streamed through almost all of the streaming devices out there. Go to the Tennis Channels website and start there. Good luck!

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