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  1. Trace
    Trace says:

    Hey Chris, Thanks for the info. I have been thinking about this one for the next year. I think i’m still a little confused about the big picture of it, having 4 kids. I think i’ll have to run actual numbers when our open enrollment comes around, but it sounds like I may want to enroll in this vs. our regular plans. Thanks again for the info. Trace

  2. Bill
    Bill says:

    My insurance premiums come out a pretax basis (no fica, medicare, fit, or state income tax). When determining the risk/reward analysis, I was thinking we’d want to convert the amount in savings between plan premiums into an after tax amount. So in other words, how much is the $881 in after tax dollars, since that’s what the family keeps by having the hdhp. It reduces the amount saved by a bit, but the winner still seems clear, dependent upon copay % and catastrophic limits involved. I definitely think converting the difference in deductibles into pretax dollars for a true sense of the risk is very insightful on your part and helped me get my head on straight

    • Peach
      Peach says:

      Bill, I’m glad I could help. Remember, with the HSA, the money going in is tax free, grows tax free, and will be withdrawn tax free if used for qualified medical expenses. Also, your pre tax savings will be equivalent to whatever tax bracket you are in.

      Thanks for the comment Bill:)


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