Time to Turn That Old, Broken, or Unwanted Jewelry into Cash

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Are you one of the many people looking for ways to generate extra cash quickly? If this is you, it’s time to start digging through your jewelry boxes, drawers, and the back of closets to find your old or unwanted jewelry so you can turn it into cash.

Or maybe you don’t necessarily need cash right now but you do have a bunch of broken jewelry you really have no use for. If so, why not turn that broken jewelry taking up room in a drawer somewhere into cash?

Whether it’s your grandma’s old rings that you no longer want, broken jewelry you won’t use or jewelry pieces that could be better used as cash, you’ll probably find lots of places close to your home or office that buy jewelry.

Check out this list of places to sell jewelry near you.

Can I Sell Jewelry Near Me or Online?

There are three main places you can sell jewelry to. Two of them are preferable to the third, for reasons described below.

1. Local Fine Jewelers

Many local fine jewelry shops will buy your jewelry. They buy low with the purpose of reselling at a higher price. Or, they buy in order to melt down and remake into different pieces.

Check out your phone book or google search “sell jewelry near me” for more information on fine jewelry shops in your area.

In this article we’ll share some of the more popular jewelry store chains that buy jewelry.

2. Pawn Shops

You can also sell jewelry at pawn shops. Again, a quick google search will help you find pawn shops in your area. Pawn shops generally work one of two ways.

You can pawn your items. This means you give the pawn shop the item you have. They lend you money in return, keeping the item as collateral.

Once you can pay the money back (with interest, of course) you get your item back.

You can also sell your items to a pawn shop. This means they’ll take the item and keep it, giving you money in return for the purchase of your item.

3. Online Gold Buyers

There are some companies that run online only stores that will buy your jewelry. We’ll talk more about those below. There are different guidelines you should use when selling jewelry to an online company.

Note that whether you sell to a fine jeweler or a pawn shop, you’ll likely have to sign a contract. The contract will contain facts such as what you’re selling and how much money you’re getting. It will also contain language describing if and how you’ll get your item or items back.

Read the contract carefully before you sign it. Be sure to ask any questions about terms you don’t understand.

The following chain jewelry stores will buy jewelry pieces. Here is some information about each chain and what types of jewelry they may or may not buy.

Note that you may want to contact your local chain store location for verification. Sometimes chain jewelry stores operate in a way that allows for individual business decisions.

Chain Jewelry Stores That Buy Jewelry

Below you will find the top, well-known places for selling all kinds of jewelry. Although these are are highly reputable companies, you may still not want to shop around your jewelry to make sure you are getting the best quote and the most cash when you sell.


Jared jewelry stores are called The Galleria of Jewelry. They have store locations throughout the United States.

Jared stores do buy some jewelry. Here are some specifics on selling jewelry to Jared.

What they buy: Jared will buy gold jewelry and higher grade platinum jewelry. They also buy scrap gold, nuggets, flakes and gold dental fillings.

What they won’t buy: You won’t be able to sell your gemstones at Jared. Their website says to remove the gemstones before bringing or mailing your jewelry in. Also, Jared won’t buy investment gold such as bullions or coins.

How to sell: You can’t bring your jewelry into a Jared location to sell it. See their website for mailing instructions for jewelry you want to sell.

Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds has over 200 locations throughout the United States. They do have a gold purchase program that allows them to buy your gold jewelry. Here are some details on their purchase program.

What they buy: Gold and platinum jewelry, including necklaces, pendants, lockets, bracelets and earrings. They’ll buy tie bars and tacks, money clips, keychains, cufflinks and charms as well. They’ll also buy dental fillings that are 16k gold or higher.

What they won’t buy: Helzberg’s won’t buy your diamonds or other gemstones. Nor will they buy investment gold, watches or silver items. Also, they won’t buy items with price tags or manufacturer’s tags attached.

How to sell: As with Jared, you can’t sell your jewelry to Helzberg Diamonds by visiting a retail location. Visit their website for information on mailing your jewelry in and selling it.

Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers has locations throughout the United States. The Kay Gold Exchange program allows you to sell your jewelry to them and get cash for it. Here are the details.

What they buy: Any gold jewelry or higher grade platinum jewelry. They also accept gold flakes, scraps, nuggets and dental gold.

What they won’t buy: No diamonds or other gemstones – remove them before sending your gold or platinum in. Also, they won’t buy watches or investment gold, and they won’t buy anything that appears to be new.

How to sell: Your jewelry must be shipped to the Kay Gold Exchange Program address listed on their website. You won’t be able to sell your items on the spot at store locations.

Daniel’s Jewelers

Daniel’s Jewelers has dozens of stores throughout California. Here are the details on their gold buying program.

What they buy: Daniel’s Jewelers will buy nearly any gold jewelry item, and other gold such as dental fillings, scraps and nuggets as well. They’ll buy platinum jewelry, and large silver items such as tea sets.

What they won’t buy: Daniel’s won’t buy items with little precious metal value. Some examples of items they won’t buy include small silver items and gold plated items.

How to sell: Use Daniel’s online gold-selling website to get your free shipping materials. After they’ve reviewed your items they’ll give you a quote. They’ll send your money via PayPal or other options.

Reeds Jewelers

Reeds Jewelers has locations throughout the South and Eastern United States. Here are details on their jewelry buying program.

What they buy: Reeds Jewelers will buy most gold, platinum, sterling silver and diamond jewelry.

How to sell: Just stop into any Reeds Jewelers store location to get a quote for the jewelry you want to sell. They’ll pay you on the spot.


Circa has about a dozen jewelry stores throughout the United States. They also buy jewelry through authorized Circa partner jewelry stores.

What they buy: Circa will buy fine jewelry, diamonds or watches.

How to sell: With Circa, you can bring your jewelry into a store location or you can use their mail-in program.

Shane Company

Shane Company has over 20 locations in 13 U.S. States. They do buy jewelry from people. Here are some details on their jewelry purchasing program.

What they buy: Shane Company will buy diamonds, gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, estate jewelry and sterling silver jewelry.

How to sell: At Shane Company you can sell your jewelry through the mail or in person. To sell via mail, just head to the website and get your free shipping package.

To sell in person, just stop at any location and talk to a representative.


Zales has locations throughout the U.S. Whether or not they buy jewelry is up to each individual location’s store owner/manager.

Stop in to your nearest Zales location for more information.

Pawn Shops that Buy Jewelry

There are many pawn shops that will buy your jewelry. Whereas many jewelry stores will only buy gold, pawn shops will often buy diamonds and other gemstones too.

Here is a list of some chain pawn shops that may buy your jewelry. You can check with local pawn shops as well; many local pawn stores will buy jewelry too.

Cash America

Cash America has over 800 pawn shops located throughout the United States. Here are some specifics on what they buy.

What they buy: Cash America will buy yellow gold, white gold and rose gold jewelry pieces. Some of the items they buy include chains, gold watches, earrings, class rings and bracelets.

They’ll also buy diamonds, dental crowns and broken jewelry.  The site doesn’t mention items they won’t buy, so you’ll have to call or stop in to find out.

How to sell: Simply bring your gold and/or diamonds to any Cash America pawn shop. They’ll assess the items and give you a quote.

Pawn America

Pawn America has locations throughout the United States. Here’s what you can expect when you sell jewelry at their pawn store locations.

What they buy: gold and diamond jewelry. The website isn’t specific about what types of items they will or won’t buy further than to say gold and diamond jewelry. Check with your local Pawn America location for more information.

How to sell: Just bring your jewelry into any Pawn America store. They have gemologists and other professionals on staff to determine a selling price.

First Cash

First Cash pawn stores are located in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, South Carolina, Maryland and Virginia.

What they buy: Gold, silver and diamond jewelry including watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.

How to sell: Just stop in at any First Cash location with your jewelry. They’ll give you cash on the spot for most items.

Again, check with local non-chain pawn stores in your area as well. Most pawn stores will generally buy at least some types of jewelry.

Online Companies That Buy Jewelry

There are also online companies that will buy your jewelry. Here is a list of a few online companies and how they handle buying jewelry.

Sell Your Gold

Sell Your Gold is an online store that promises you’ll get cash in 24 hours. Here’s how it works.

What they buy: You send them your gold, diamonds and precious metals. They’ll buy bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. They’ll also buy gold coins, bullion, watches, broken jewelry and more. See the website for specifics.

How to sell: Request an appraisal kit from the Sell Your Gold website. Follow the instructions and send your items in by mail. They’ll include a free shipping label, packing materials and shipping envelope as well.

After they assess your items they’ll call you with a quote. If you accept the quote, they’ll pay you via PayPal, Direct Deposit or they’ll mail a check.

Express Gold Cash

Express Gold Cash works much in the same way that Sell Your Gold works. Here are some details.

What they buy: Express Gold Cash will buy necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches and earrings. They’ll also buy diamonds and gold and silver coins.

How to sell: Order your free appraisal kit. Ship the items for free and wait for a call with your quote. After you accept the quote you’ll be paid in as little as 24 hours.


Goldkit works similarly to other online jewelry buying websites. Here are the details.

What they buy: Goldkit will buy gold pendants, necklaces,rings, earrings and other scrap gold.

How to sell: Just ship the jewelry you want to sell in the Goldkit free shipping package. They’ll call you with a quote and send you your money in as little as 24 hours.

Note that in my research for this article, I found several websites that said online gold-buying stores such as the ones mentioned here will pay you much less for your jewelry than pawn stores or jewelry stores.

I recommend doing some thorough research before choosing to sell your jewelry items to these types of buyers. Read on for some additional tips on selling jewelry near you.

What Kinds of Jewelry Can I Sell?

Not all types of jewelry can be sold. When you’re considering selling jewelry, look for items such as:

  • Gold wedding rings, engagement rings and other rings such as class rings
  • Jewelry containing diamonds and other gemstones
  • Gold necklaces and chains
  • Certain types of silver jewelry, depending on the buyer
  • Gold bracelets and ankle bracelets
  • Gold earrings
  • Other types of gold jewelry

Each store or dealer will have its own rules and parameters about what it will and won’t buy. As mentioned above, some stores will be dental fillings, scraps, coins and bullion as well. Check with stores near you to find more information.

How Much Money Will I Get for My Jewelry?

You’re probably wondering how much money you’ll get for your jewelry if you sell it. You might as well know up front that you aren’t going to get what the jewelry piece is worth.

The whole reason jewelers, online dealers and pawn shop owners are willing to buy your jewelry is so they can resell it in some form at a profit. For that reason, you should expect to get substantially less for your jewelry than what it’s worth.

I know – that’s a tough pill to swallow. It’s tough to think about selling grandma’s $5,000 diamond wedding ring for $1,000.

For this reason, it’s important to weigh carefully the reasons why you want to sell your jewelry. Most people sell their fine jewelry because they need the cash. Jewelry buyers know that and therefore sometimes take advantage of that on some level.

How to Get the Most for My Jewelry

There are a few ways you can help get more money for your jewelry. First, try cleaning it up. I don’t recommend using harsh chemicals. Try some warm water and a mild dish soap.

Use a soft bristle toothbrush and gentle massage dirt and grime away from your jewelry piece. Cleaning your pieces up a bit can help you potentially get more money for your jewelry.

How Can I Avoid Getting Ripped Off?

Not all people and companies who buy jewelry will treat you honestly and fairly. Here are some tips to avoid getting ripped off as you sell your jewelry.

Know Current Metal Prices

Gold and silver prices fluctuate on a regular basis. If you have an idea of what those metals are worth before you go to sell your jewelry, you can better determine if you’re getting a fair offer to buy the pieces.

Kitco is a site that can tell you the current gold and silver prices to help you better know what to expect in terms of profit.

Know the Amount of Gold in Each Piece You Want to Sell

It’s important to know that not all gold (or silver) is made equally. Gold, for example, is valued in karats. The word “karats” refers to the purity of a gold piece.

If a piece is 24k (the abbreviation for a karat) it’s considered pure gold. Most jewelry isn’t made with 24k gold because it’s too soft and doesn’t hold up as well with daily use.

Jewelers will make jewelry using gold mixed with other metals, such as copper or silver, to make a piece stronger. As an example, an 18k gold necklace is made out of 18 parts gold and 6 parts of another metal, such as copper.

The number of karats in your gold jewelry will be a factor in determining how much money you get. For instance, you won’t get as much money for a 10k gold piece as you will for a 24k gold piece.

Many jewelry pieces are stamped with a number showing the purity of the piece. You’ll find 10k on necklaces and bracelets, for instance.

Have Your Jewelry Appraised

Sometimes it’s worth it to have a piece of jewelry appraised – especially if it’s a highly valuable piece. Although it may cost money to have a piece appraised, it might be worth it to avoid getting ripped off when you sell.

Local and chain jewelry stores may have on or off-site appraisers that can appraise your jewelry.

Read Reviews and Check the Better Business Bureau

I can’t overstate this tip enough. Before you sell your jewelry, please read reviews and check with your state’s Better Business Bureau.

This is especially important if you choose to sell through the online companies that buy jewelry. There are lots of shady people out there wanting to take advantage of those needing or wanting money.

Get a Few Different Quotes

I would recommend checking locally with jewelry stores and pawn shops before resorting to selling to an online company.

Because you’re going to try and sell locally first, you can get a few quotes before you choose a buyer. Get your quotes all on the same day so you’re comparing apples to apples.

Since gold and other fine jewelry components have prices that change daily, you’ll want to check two or three stores on the same day to get an accurate comparison of who will pay you the most.

Keep the Emotional Factor in Mind

It’s important when you sell jewelry to keep in mind that you may have emotions tied to a piece. For instance, if you’re selling your wedding ring that your ex gave you, that might bring up some tears.

Or, if you’re selling an heirloom piece your grandma gave you, you may want to think about that move carefully. Once you sell jewelry it can be difficult if not impossible to get back.

And if you do buy it back, you’ll pay more than what you sold it for. Potentially a lot more. Therefore, I recommend thinking carefully about whether you really want to sell a jewelry piece.

Imagine being without it forever and how that would make you feel. You don’t want to do something you’ll regret. At the same time, it is only “stuff” and you can’t take it with you.

If you’d be better served by the money than by the “stuff”, selling your jewelry might be your best move.

Selling jewelry can be a great way to help pay the bills during tough times or to pay off debt or achieve other financial goals.

Or, you could always do some side hustle work to earn extra cash. We have 84 side hustle ideas which means out of 84, there is always at least 1-2 that you are going to love to help you earn a little extra cash this month!

So, have you ever sold your jewelry to a pawn shop or jewelry store? Ever sold it to an online company? We’d love to hear about your experience. Leave us a comment and let us know how it went.


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  • Thanks for explaining where to go in order to sell jewelry, such as to a pawn shop where you can use them as a loan collateral or sell it to them for money. When choosing one, you’d probably want to get recommendations from friends, family members, and other people you know in order to make sure the shop you choose is reliable. Doing this could give you the chance to learn more about their experience with the buyer so that you can find one that will be professional and help you get the most for your jewelry.

  • I’m grateful for your advice on giving up on the emotion that we have when we decide to sell a piece of jewelry. It also helped me when you said that it must be well appraised at the jewelry store. Next time, when the need arises. I am going to sell my wedding ring since we are already separated.

  • Very thankful for sharing this info, but when it comes to trust factor while doing valuation of any jewelry. First of all it is necessary to identify certified buyer. also it is also important to see their technology which they going to to use for valuation of a jewelry.

    • I agree that it is important to go to someone you can trust rather than just anyone. Therefore, yes, finding a buyer that is legit is key. For instance, they should be members of the Jewelers of America.
      When it comes to examining their equipment, they may not let you. Some of it is very expensive and they probably won’t let just anyone handle it. Although, a way around this is to ask them to examine the piece in your presence.

  • Yes, I’m definitely one of the people who is looking for ways to get extra money. I am behind my bills for this month, and I just lost my job. Thanks for providing ways on how to effectively sell old pieces of jewelry. I have 2 gold rings to sell, and I will follow your tips in finding the right buyers. I hope I will have it sold soon.


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