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Welcome to Episode 002 of the Money Peach TV & Podcast. In today’s episode I am going to break down the art of budgeting.

I know, I know…living on a monthly budget sounds absolutely terrible, right?

Well, so does living paycheck to paycheck, completely broke, and wondering what in the hell happened to all the money when you’re entering retirement flat-out broke. No thanks.

Here is the absolute truth: If you don’t manage your money, your money will leave you and go to someone else who will. This is why the rich get richer and the poor get…well poorer. If you want to be rich people, do rich people things. If you want to be poor people, do poor people things.

Hint: Rich people know how to manage their money. Rich people budget.

The first step to solving your problems with money is to take back control of your money. This always starts with the Budget.

Right now, 7 out of 10 people are living paycheck to paycheck. This means seven out of ten of your friends, family, neighbors, are financially stressed out. They are hoping and praying there will be enough money at the end of every month to simply make it. 

This sucks.

It’s not their fault or your fault for this form of crisis living. Think about this: Who has ever shown us how to do a REAL budget?

In this week’s episode, I am going to break down each step for creating your very first budget. I have also provided a PDF Cheat Sheet below to help you get all of your expenses on paper – you’ll learn that our lives are much more complicated than think.

After you grab the cheat sheet and have it filled out, I also have the acual Budget for you to get started right away.

Remember….What get’s measured get’s managed.

I’ll see you inside the next Episode of Money Peach TV & Podcast each and every Thursday!

-Chris Peach

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