Episode 115: I just walked away from a 6-figure income – with Andrea Robinson

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My Guest on the Show…


She’s been the leading lady on local tv for nearly 15 years and now, she is stepping into the next chapter. She’s also my leading lady in life and the Mama to our crazy kiddos. We sit down and she answers the ONE question EVERYBODY has asked us since she resigned from her position.

“How can you just leave a job? An income? Are you scared?”

Many of you know our debt free story and how we were buried under $52,000 in debt in 2010. For those that don’t, well, we tried to keep up with the Jones’ for too long and well, it got us in BIG trouble. Expensive cars, stacks of credit cards with racked up bills, way too much crap and trips we had no business going on. We HAD to make some serious changes.

We had to adopt many new habits and behaviors to get rid of the excess and the debt. We still live under those principles to this day. These habits are what made giving up an income and moving into our next chapter of life, completely possible.

During our interview, Andrea and I break down our Top 5 Money Hacks that we still live by today. We credit each one for helping to get us diminish our debt nearly 8 years ago, move into this next current phase of life and still manage to love each other BIG.

Today we discuss:

  • The dreaded “B” Word…yep, BUDGET, I know, but it works…however, we have a fancy schmancy way of spinning it so it feels awesome.
  • The beauty of Sinking Funds aka little online piggy banks that make for saving for special treats easy and seamless.
  • The importance of an Emergency Fund. Trust us, that AC unit will go out in June, in Phoenix, while it is 110 degrees outside.
  • Old Cars. Yes, we drive 10 year old cars with 160k miles on them and we do not care what the peeps next door think.
  • The “$100” rule. We adopted this years ago and it still happens, with every purchase. It’s a must.

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Mentioned in this Episode

The Cash Flow Formula


Show Notes

How are you going to afford this? [5:47]

Implementing the Cash Flow Formula [9:26]

Paying off debt [12:46]

Couponing to save money and sinking funds [16:26]

Creating an emergency fund [18:14]

Getting on the same financial page and never giving up [21:50]



  • Lots of great nuggets.
    I left my old job that paid well, but I was gone 70-80 hours per week.
    Taking a 50%+ pay cut was hard at first, but you quickly adapt and learn to live on less. We didn’t need to earn the high income to pay the bills.

    Now, my wife and I both work from home. It’s makes parenting less stressful and we can spend more time together as a family too.

    • That’s awesome Josh! I’m so glad you guys are able to be there for your family more and still make it work financially!


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