Episode 104: Real Estate Investing For the Rest of Us with Craig Cecilio

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My Guest on the Show…

Up until recently, real estate investing was only an option for the top 1% income earner – meaning the average Joe investor had to overcome a steep price tag to cross the barrier of entry into real estate investing.

Those days are now officially over.

My guest on the show is Craig Cecilio, real estate investor, expert crowdfunder, and founder of Diversyfund.

I asked Craig to come on the show to discuss how crowdfunding works, why it’s so accessible for everyone, and how technology is making it even more affordable for the everyday investor.

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Show Notes

What is crowdfunded real estate investing [1:59]

How much you need to get started [4:55]

Lowering the threshold with DiversyFund [7:01]

How it works [8:14]

How it’s paid out and what are the returns [9:58]

What is the risk level [12:03]

Where properties are located [14:46]

What is value add property [17:05]

The best thing about investing in real estate [19:27]

Comparing crowdfunding to your 401(k) [24:44]

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  • Definetely going to check this out. Sounds very interesting compared to the eReit crowdfunding option.


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