Episode 028: Payment Shock and ‘Oh Crap!’ Mortgage Mistakes

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On the show today:

Carrie Weinberg – the very first winner of the Money Peach 500 Challenge. She talks about her experience with saving $500 in a month and what she plans to do with the $500 she saved AND the $500 cash she just won!


“The mortgage is one of the most complex financial transactions out there. You need to be educated on the whole situation, know all the moving parts, and what to look for. Don’t leave that to just anybody.” – Justin Haines


Justin Haines – from ElectricLoanOfficer.com explains mortgages, refinances, private mortgage insurance, and why it is important to have a trusted loan officer before you make the largest expense in your lifetime; a mortgage.

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Mentioned in this Episode

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Contact: The Justin Haines Team

Electric Loan Officer (Justin’s Blog)

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Show Notes

The Money Peach $500 Winner Comes on the Show [1:10]

Justin Haines Comes on the Show [6:29]

Justin’s Pain as a Motivator [11:13]

Payment Shock for the New Home Buyer [13:26]

Private Mortgage Insurance [17:11]

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Breakdown [20:02]

Local vs Big Bank [22:50]


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