Episode 121: Travel Hacking for the Non-Rich with Travis Sherry

Updated Jun 02, 2020 | Chris Petrie

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My Guest on the Show…

For the longest time I have poo-pooed the idea of travel hacking.

For me, it meant you were supposed to go out and sign up for as many travel credit cards as possible. Then, you would try to spend as much as money on each credit card to “chase the rewards.”

I remember thinking: Wow! I can spend $40,000 on a credit card and score a free plane ticket – no thanks!

Then I met Travis.

Side note: I met Travis at a little dive bar in Philadelphia last summer through a mutual friend. When he first told me he was a travel hacker…well… I wasn’t overly impressed.

Until now!

You see, Travis didn’t get his first credit card until he was 28-years-old and to this day he WILL NOT carry a balance or pay a dime of credit card interest.

And yet, he and his family of 3 still travels all over the world on $5 plane tickets, cheap apartment rentals, and some other little-known travel hacks that completely took me by surprise.

Here’s what we have in store for you:

  • How to get the absolute cheapest plane tickets
  • Where to look for cheap flights
  • How to get notified about the little-known flight hacks
  • How to find cheap apartment rentals
  • A secret they use for plane tickets using Wikipedia!
  • How they stayed in a 5-bedroom mansion in Breckenridge with access to the BMW and Hot Tub for free
  • What Travis recommends as everyone’s first step to travel hacking

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Extra Pack of Peanuts

Extra Pack of Peanuts: House Sitting

Jetto App for Mistake Fares

Show Notes

How Travis got started travel hacking [3:41]

There’s no such thing as a free lunch [7:02]

31 percent of miles don’t get used! [9:09]

Travis’ #1 recommendation for building travel reward points [11:52]

What to do with old cards when you get new ones [17:53]

Housesitting to save money [27:36]

Traveling with a one-year-old [32:26]

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  • Hi and love the podcast! Just listened to Episode 121 and would like to take advantage of Travis’s free webinar, however the link is taking me to a $97 paid version. Is there a different link. Thanks for all you do!!

    • In the blog post, just click on the orange bar that says, “Learn to Travel Hack”. That should take you there. Happy travels!


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