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Step-by-Step to Setting Up Your Own Cash Flow Formula

"Everything worthwhile in life is uphill"

John Maxwell

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Cash Flow Forula PDF

The original Cash Flow Formula - print this off and get started on it right away!

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Cash Flow Formula

The Cash Flow Formula for your desktop and your phone. Take it with you anywhere you go, share it with someone in you family, and track your cash flow on the go!

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Cash Flow Formula (Large)

This is the same Cash Flow Formula for your desktop or your phone, but with added room just in case you need it!

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Note: You will need to have Google Drive or Dropbox to open and use the Cash Flow Formula (non PDF) version. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, I have a video inside the Cash Flow Formula lesson (see below).

Let Me Show You Exactly How to Use the Cash Flow Formula

The biggest raise you will ever receive in your working lifetime is the day you decide to start managing the money.

But the question I always get asked is this: "Peach, how the heck do I do a Cash Flow Formula".

First off - keep in mind you're not supposed to know what to do or how to do it because you were never taught how, right?

Remember the class they taught us about how to manage the money?? (Neither do I).

If you are done trying to figure this out alone (I don't blame you), then I would be honored to be the one who shows you exactly how to use the Cash Flow Formula.

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