What if you could SAVE $500 this month?

Seven out of ten people are living paycheck-to-paycheck, six out of ten cannot write a check for $1,000, and currently the household savings rate in North America is at an all-time low of 0%!

What if you were the exception? What if you told society that you were going to step outside of normal and do something incredible? What if you were to save $500 between January 1st and January 31st?

This is YOUR challenge, and I am going to help you set your goal and get it done!

Here’s How it Works

Day 1 - Save $1

Day 2 - Save $2

Day 3- Save $3

You Get the Point 


Day 31 - Save $31 and You Will Have $500!

And a Chance to Win $500 MORE!

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Part of joining the challenge is to not only SAVE $500 for yourself, but to encourage others to do the same. Let’s ask everyone to start off 2017 with a positive surplus of cash!

Once you register for this FREE 31-Day Challenge, you are automatically entered into the $500 CASH Giveaway!

However, when you SHARE this challenge with others using your custom LUCKY URL, you will receive 3 more entries into the giveaway for each person who joins the challenge through your link!

Good News: You Will Have $500 on January 31st.

Better News: You Could Have $1,000!

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