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Episode 93: Your Money Mentality Will Become Your Money Reality with Kiné Corder

  My Guest on the Show…   Kiné Corder is a best-seller author, international speaker, and a psychotherapist that specializes in financial therapy. While working with Morgan Stanley, she saw that couples needed help with more than just the numbers. They experienced trauma and anxiety associated with money that blocked their happiness. She started Presidential […]

8 Moves That Can Net You an Extra $550 Per Month

Who couldn’t use an extra $550 each month? Good news: Making these small (and pretty painless) adjustments to your spending habits can help you get there—and without having to eliminate anything you love. 1. Eat in one more night per week. On average, we dine out 4.5 times every week, spending around $250 per month—meaning each meal […]