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Episode 065: No More Money B.S.!

My Guest on the Show… Whitney Hansen from the Money Nerds Podcast comes on the show to share her no B.S. debt-free story which led her into starting her own business in the personal finance world. Right out of college, Whitney decided to do the unpopular thing – sacrifice a lot early on in life to […]

Why It Shouldn’t Cost You $8,000 to Get a Mortgage

Have you ever applied to get a mortgage loan? Then you know how painful the process can be. There’s a reason realtors tell you to get pre-approved before you start looking for houses. It’s because the mortgage loan approval process generally tends to take for-ev-er. First, there is the application process, which, if you’re lucky […]

6 Tips From Warren Buffett Every Investor Should Take to Heart

Investing guru Warren Buffett just celebrated his 87th birthday. But the “Oracle of Omaha” is hardly slowing down. He made $12 billion last year and nearly another $2 billion so far in 2017, making him one of the five wealthiest people in the world. How does he make all that money? Well, he’s chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, a multinational conglomerate […]

Episode 061: Live Like You Were Dying with Andy Ptacek

  My Guest on the Show… “Inoperable brain cancer”. These were the words spoken by the team of doctors who met with Andy and her family to share with her the devastating news of what was causing her extreme and sudden headaches. Andy Ptacek; wife, daughter, friend, and mother of two small boys would now […]