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Episode 040: The Profit Boss: Hilary Hendershott

My Guest on the Show… Hilary Hendershott, MBA, CFP, from Profit Boss Radio is coming on the show to open our eyes to the way we all FEEL about money. What makes Hilary different from much of the finance world is her belief system with money. She believes no matter how much we make, how much […]

35 Money Questions You Need to Know Before 35

By the time you’ve reached your 30s, you’ve probably heard dozens of financial acronyms and terms thrown around—from APRs to IRAs, expense ratios to exchange-traded funds. Yet while the lingo may sound familiar, you might not have a really clear understanding of what the words actually mean or how they apply to your finances. And that […]

Episode 039: The Financial Rockstar – Scott Alan Turner

My Guest on the Show… Today I am featuring someone who I highly respect and agree with in the personal finance world, Scott Alan Turner. Scott is the Financial Rockstar of personal finance. Between his passion for Metallica, his love for cats, and his unique philosophy on personal finance, Scott was an extremely entertaining guest […]

Episode 038: Retired by 34?! With John Gaston

My Guest on the Show… On the show today my guest is John Gaston. John is a close friend of mine, an extremely successful entrepreneur, and was able to retire at age 34. John is also my one on one mentor when it comes to my own business. Over the past few years John has […]

Your Tax Refund: Good or Bad?

It’s very ironic how the month of April is financial literacy month and is also the same month we file our taxes. #ironic Many of us fear April because this is the month we will pony up and write a check to good ol’ Uncle Sam. However, there are also millions of us who look […]

Episode 036: Innovate or Die with Jason Beck

My Guest on the Show… Jason Beck is the founder and CEO of Tyr Tactical, a company on the cutting edge of developing tactical gear for both military and police. I first met Jason at the gym (many of my relationships were either started or formed at the gym) and over the last few years […]